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Series 5
Roosevelt material, 1919-1970
Boxes 127-136, 177; OP 3

Scope and Content Note

The materials in this series include correspondence with Franklin D. Roosevelt (1934-1943) and Eleanor Roosevelt (1937-1963) and includes letters and other documents from the 1950s and 1960s pertaining to proposals to build memorials to FDR. The files include materials relating to the planning, construction, and maintenance of the FDR Memorial located directly in front of the Federal Building and the FDR Memorial located along the Tidal Basin. Other materials include correspondence during the 1960s pertaining to portraits of FDR by Madame Elizabeth Shoumatoff.

Box Folder Content
127 1 Theodore Roosevelt Dedication: Correspondence in 1967 regarding the dedication of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial.
127 2 Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation Study: Correspondence with representatives of the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation concerning historical anecdotes about the former first lady.
127 3 Eleanor Roosevelt, United Nations Memorial: Correspondence between 1964 and 1966 about the memorial to Eleanor Roosevelt placed at the United Nations.
127 4 Roosevelt, Eleanor, Correspondence, 1937-1943: The letters cover Palmer's public housing activities and his responsibilities as Defense Housing Coordinator.
127 5 Roosevelt, Eleanor, Correspondence, 1945-1956
127 6 Roosevelt, Eleanor, Correspondence, 1957-1963
127 7 Roosevelt, Eleanor, Duplicate memoranda: Typewritten accounts of meetings between Palmer and Mrs. Roosevelt during the 1950s and 1960s.
127 8 Mrs. Roosevelt's bookplates: Correspondence during 1970 concerning the origin of Eleanor Roosevelt's bookplates.
128 1 Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation: Correspondence during 1964 and 1965 about the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation. Also included in the folder are confidential memos regarding fundraising projects and reports concerning the Foundation's Human Rights Study.
128 2 Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation-Blue folder: A collection of miscellaneous material describing the activities of the Foundation.
128 3 Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation: Correspondence during 1963 and 1964 concerning the Foundation.
128 4 Eleanor Roosevelt, United Nations Housing: Correspondence between 1962 and 1963 regarding the Nomination of Charles Palmer to serve as U.S. Representative to the United Nations Committee on Housing, Building, and Planning.
128 5 Roosevelt, Eleanor, "This I Remember": Copy of the six-part series on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt, published in McCall's magazine, 1949.
128 6 Roosevelt, Eleanor, Clippings about her, 1949-1964
129 1 Roosevelt, Eleanor, 70th Birthday Dinner booklet, October 11, 1954: A booklet printed in commemoration of Mrs. Roosevelt's birthday.
129 2 Roosevelt, Eleanor, Memos about her, 1937-1962: Several accounts written by Palmer of meetings that he had with Eleanor Roosevelt during the 1930s and 1940s.
129 3 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Correspondence, 1934-1942: General correspondence during the above years. Of particular historical interest in regards to public housing are: (1) the 1934 letter from Clark Howell to FDR requesting immediate action on the Techwood Housing Project; and (2) a memorandum (ten pages) describing a White House dinner of May 17, 1937.
129 4 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Correspondence with Palmer, 1943
129 5 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Presentation of Roosevelt Pictures in London, 1950: Correspondence during 1950 and 1951 concerning Palmer's trip to England in order to present to the British government photographs of FDR and the Little White House at Warm Springs, Georgia.
129 6 Talks with Roosevelt, 1942-1943: Notes taken by Palmer of meetings with President Roosevelt during the above years.
129 7 Hyde Park, First Day Stamp, 1966: First issue of a Roosevelt postage stamp.
129 8 On Possum Dinner, October 29, 1930: Miscellaneous correspondence during the 1930s regarding the Possum Dinner given by the Atlanta Association of Building Owners and Managers for FDR while he was Governor of New York in 1930.
129 9 John McCormack's letter regarding Roosevelt and the Port of Boston Incident: A 1960 letter from Congressman John McCormack discussing FDR plus a note written by Palmer summarizing the details surrounding Roosevelt's appointment of a Collector for the Port of Boston.
129 10 Hassett, William D.: Correspondence during the 1950s and 1960s with William Hassett, Secretary to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman.
129 11 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Inaugural materials, 1933, 1941: Newspaper clippings and programs for the 1933 and 1941 presidential inaugurations.
129 12 Roosevelt election victory: Facsimile edition of a newspaper describing FDR's election victory in 1932.
129 13 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Statement on a National Budget System, October 1, 1919: Statement delivered in 1919 by Roosevelt, then Assistant Secretary to the Navy, on the establishment of a national budget system.
130 1 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Statements on Housing, 1929-1938, Palmer Notes on FDR
130 2 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Speech, "Our Realization of Tomorrow": The text of an undelivered speech.
130 3 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Lucy Rutherford: Newspaper and magazine clippings from the 1960s discussing the romance between Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer Rutherford.
130 4 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Correspondence with FDR Library, Hyde Park, about Movies of Fala: Letters written between 1954 and 1955 about Roosevelt's dog.
130 5 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Blue Springs: Correspondence in 1967 with James Roosevelt concerning the date of a 1935 photograph of FDR and friends at Blue Springs Farm.
130 6 Roosevelt family correspondence with C.F. Palmer, 1956-1963
130 7 Roosevelt, James, Correspondence with Palmer and Miscellany, 1958-1967
130 8 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Record of ballots at 1940 Convention by Palmer, George Washington Dinner
130 9 Comments as Chairman, Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission at the Chapel, Warm Springs, Ga., April 12, 1955: Speeches delivered at Warm Springs in honor of Roosevelt's memory; a sixty-four page history of the former President's various visits to the location, written in 1958; and miscellaneous correspondence during the 1960s about the activities of the Memorial Commission.
130 10 Allen, Ivan Sr.-Resolution: Copies of a memorial to Ivan Allen, Sr honoring his work on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Commission, 1969.
130 11 Warm Springs, April 12, 1970 (1 of 2): Correspondence during 1969 and 1970 regarding plans for the 25th anniversary of President Roosevelt's death, held at Warm Springs.
130 12 Warm Springs, April 12, 1970 (2 of 2)
131 1 Little White House, April 12, 1970, Speeches, introductions, programs, etc.: Correspondence in 1970 about the 25th commemorative ceremony for President Roosevelt and copies of the address delivered by Madame Elizabeth Shoumatoff, painter of the unfinished portrait.
131 2 Roosevelt, Franklin, Clippings about him, 1930-1962 (1 of 2)
131 3 Roosevelt, Franklin, Clippings about him, 1930-1962 (2 of 2)
131 4 Roosevelt, Franklin, Materials, "Sunrise at Campobello"-Correspondence, etc., on Play, 1958-1960: The play depicted Roosevelt's life.
131 5 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Materials, "Sunrise at Campobello," program, clippings, etc.
131 6 Campobello: A 1962 guidebook to Campobello Island.
131 7 FDR Society: Correspondence during 1960 concerning the organization of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Society.
131 8 Collecting FDR First Editions: Copies of 1949 and 1951 bibliographic guides to procuring books about FDR.
131 9 White House Staff: Personal correspondence with White House staff members during the 1930s and 1940s.
131 10 Dr. and Mrs. James Halsted: Correspondence primarily with Anna Halsted, daughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, during the 1960s.
177 FDR bronze bust, by Jo Davidson, 1934
FDR Memorial
132 1 FDR Archives Project (1 of 2)
132 2 FDR Archives Project (2 of 2)
132 3 FDR Archives Project-Washington (1 of 4)
132 4 FDR Archives Project-Washington (2 of 4)
132 5 FDR Archives Project-Washington (3 of 4)
132 6 FDR Archives Project-Washington (4 of 4)
133 1 Katherine Graham, Washington Post
133 2 Archives, re.: Tickets
133 3 FDR Archives, Responses to Archives Project letter, (1 of 2): Correspondence in 1965 about fundraising attempts to finance planning and completion of the FDR Memorial.
133 4 FDR Archives, Responses to Archives Project letter (2 of 2)
133 5 Archives File, re.: Hyde Park: Correspondence during 1965 regarding financial contributions for construction and operation of the Eleanor Roosevelt Wings at the Hyde Park Franklin D. Roosevelt Library.
133 6 Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial proclamation: Correspondence and newspaper clippings in 1969 about the naming of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park during that same year.
133 7 Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, News clippings: Newspaper clippings from 1965 to 1970 about plans for the construction of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Monument and Rose Garden.
133 8 Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Commission: Correspondence and papers about Memorial and stamp, 1960-1962
Proposed FDR Memorial in the Tidal Basin
134 1 Honorable Francis Biddle
134 2 Roosevelt Memorial, Tidal Basin (1 of 2)
134 3 Roosevelt Memorial, Tidal Basin (2 of 2)
183 3 Roosevelt Memorial, Tidal Basin, plan (and loose rolls)
134 4 Tidal Basin Project, 1968
134 5 Tidal Basin Project, Exhibits
134 6 Tidal Basin Project, Current
134 7 Tidal Basin Project Commissioners
Madame Elizabeth Shoumatoff portrait of FDR
135 1 Roosevelt Portrait, White House
135 2 Roosevelt Portrait correspondence, White House
135 3 Roosevelt Unveiling, January 31, 1967
135 4 Smithsonian Institute, Portraits
135 5 Roosevelt Portrait, Ektcolor
135 6 Franklin D. Roosevelt, 24th Anniversary, Warm Springs, April 12, 1969: Correspondence about the planning of the 24th commemorative ceremony for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, held at Warm Springs in 1969. The folder also includes the address delivered by Anne Roosevelt Halsted.
135 7 Roosevelt-Garner Campaign Coin, 1966: Correspondence in 1966 about the design of a paperweight for President Johnson which held a "campaign coin" from 1936.
135 8 Wreath, Franklin D. Roosevelt, London, July 1968: Correspondence and newspaper clippings from 1968 about the placing of a wreath at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Grosvenor Square, London.
135 9 Memos: Notes on conferences held both with members of the Roosevelt family and other persons involved in the planning for the FDR Tidal Basin Memorial, 1964-1970.
135 10 Truman Retirement Dinner: Correspondence in 1967 about a retirement dinner for Lieutenant General Louis W. Truman, Commander of the Third U.S. Army.
136 1 Texas Trip, Army Advisory: Correspondence in 1967 concerning Palmer's trip to Fort Bliss.
136 2 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Catalog of his Naval Collection: A 1962 catalog of watercolors and prints of naval scenes.
136 3 Fireside Chats: Published editions of Fireside Chats, a periodical published by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Philatelic Society. Also includes published speeches given by FDR. Fireside Chats, a periodical published by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Philatelic Society. Also includes published speeches given by FDR.
136 4 Franklin D. Roosevelt Collector, (1 of 2): Copies of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Collector, 1948-1955, a journal devoted to the dissemination of information regarding Roosevelt's life. Franklin D. Roosevelt Collector, 1948-1955, a journal devoted to the dissemination of information regarding Roosevelt's life.
136 5 Franklin D. Roosevelt Collector (2 of 2)
136 6 Roosevelt Sales Catalogues (1 of 2): Copies of exhibition catalogues from sales of Roosevelt material, 1951-1952, 1964.
136 7 Roosevelt Sales Catalogues (2 of 2)