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Subseries 8.3

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AV2 - Nevada trip, Louise Thompson Patterson and unidentified individual on research trip to collect information on Blacks in the history of Nevada, ca. 1987
AV2 - "Paul Robeson at Peekskill," as remembered by Louise Thompson Patterson, interview by Kara Yeargans for PCTV, [28 minutes], April 1989
AV2 - "Local Color", documentary on African Americans in Portland Oregon's History, written and reported by John Tuttle, Oregon Public Broadcasting, [1 hour], 1990 Portland Oregon's History, written and reported by John Tuttle, Oregon Public Broadcasting, [1 hour], 1990
AV2 - Louise Thompson Patterson with two unidentified individuals discussing current events, social and political issues, womens'rights, and racism; followed by a discussion between Sterling Stuckey and Louise Thompson Patterson on topics relating to religion, politics, and current issues; including Spain, 1937, race riots in Pine Bluffs, Arkansas in 1919 and 1935, and Paul Robeson in the 1940s, [2 hours], ca. 1991
AV2 - Sterling Stuckey continues his conversation with Louise Thompson Patterson regarding the Paul Robeson concert at Peekskill in 1949; meeting William L. Patterson, marriage, and life as family and political partners; Louise's work in trade unions; family friends; [2 hours], ca. 1991
AV2 - Louise Thompson Patterson talking with Matt Crawford and unidentified individual about work with trade unions in the early days; experience of being jailed; Paul Robeson, racial discrimination in the 50s; [1 hour, 30 minutes], June 17, 1991
AV2 - University of California (Berkeley), Black Graduation, Louise Thompson Patterson receives the Fannie Lou Hamer Award, [3 hours and 15 minutes], 1991
AV2 - Louise Thompson Patterson's birthday (93rd) party, [50 minutes], September 10, 1994
AV2 - Trip to Italy made by Sterling Stuckey and his wife; includes visit with Mary Louise Patterson in Italy and trips to Florence, Rome, Vatican, Milan, Venice, [2 hours], 1994
AV2 - Louise Thompson Patterson interview [with Margaret Wilkerson?] regarding organization of the Memoirs Project; includes discussions about logical time segments; early life, college, teaching in the South, Langston Hughes, Mrs. Mason, and work with the International Workers Order, 3 tapes [6 hours] n.d.
AV2 - Sojourner's Book Club, reception to honor Margaret Wilkerson for the publication of a new anthology, [1 hour, 25 minutes], n.d.
AV2 - "Louise Alone Thompson Patterson - In Her Own Words" [documentary with Louis Massiah, producer, Pablo Colapinto, editor, Dwight Andrews, music director, and Dan Fishman, music associate], [17:52 minutes], 2005