Series 9
Other affiliations files, 1940-1989
Boxes 75-76

Scope and Content Note

Frances Pauley served as vice-president of the DeKalb Clinic, located at 318 East Howard Street in Decatur, from circa. 1940 to 1946. The Clinic provided general medical care, including dental and pediatric, to people who were unable to afford such services otherwise. The Clinic was funded by donations from individuals, organizations, and the county. One of its major projects was a Child Health Program, which sought to establish an adequately equipped lunchroom in every county school. The Clinic also sponsored a school lunch program, which supplied free lunches to some 800 county school children of indigent families. These files include annual reports, donor records, and clippings for the years 1940-1946.

The Committee on School Lunch Participation, based in Baltimore Maryland, sought to promote the full participation of children from low income families in the National School Lunch Program. The Committee conducted a nationwide study of the National School Lunch Program from 1967 to 1968 to learn how greater participation could be achieved. The study was sponsored by five volunteer agencies: Church Women United, National Board of the YWCA, National Council of Catholic Women, National Council of Jewish Women, and National Council of Negro Women. These files document Frances Pauley's activities as a consultant for the project in the South. Travelling from state to state, she conducted interviews with school lunch administrators, and coordinated the work of other volunteers in the region.

The Gillespie Selden Community Center, located in Cordele, in southwest Georgia's Crisp county, was originally founded as a mission by the Presbyterian Church in 1902. Becoming a community center in the fifties, it provided a variety of services including adult education classes, day care, recreational activities, and a library. These files include minutes, financial records, and correspondence relating to Pauley's involvement with the Center as a member of the Board of Directors from 1967 to 1971.

The Georgia Forum was organized in 1985 as an affiliate of the American Forum to study educational, political, and social issues of particular interest to Georgians through the preparation and dissemination of articles to the local media, i.e., newspapers, television, and radio.

The work of the Forum was supervised by an editorial board which was responsible for generating article ideas, contacting potential authors, scheduling publication dates, and fundraising. Once topics were selected for articles an editorial board member was assigned to "shepherd" the piece. The shepherd was responsible for developing a synopsis of the story to assist the author in understanding the concept sought by the editorial board. Then the shepherd edited the author's first draft. The final version was then reviewed by the full board.

As an editorial board member, Frances Pauley contributed her own articles, including one on the budgetmaking process and the state's sunshine laws (see Box 76:folder 11, 19 February 1987), and shepherded op-eds on various topics including AIDS, daycare, foodstamps, homelessness, prisons, and emergency heating. These files include minutes, correspondence, articles, and clippings relating to Pauley's association with the Georgia Forum.

DeKalb Clinic
Box Folder Content
75 1 Annual report, 1942, 1944
75 2 Fund raising: Donations, 1944, and no date
75 3 Community farm project: Donations, 1945
75 4 Receipts, 1945
75 5 Speeches: Frances Pauley, n.d.
75 6 Clippings, 1940, 1944
75 Card File Box: Donors Building fund
Committee on School Lunch Participation
75 7 Correspondence, 1967, and no date
75 8 Questionnaires, 1967, and no date
75 9 Travel expenses, 1967-1968, and no date
75 10 Statistics, 1947-1967
75 11 Contact lists, notes
75 12 Printed material, 1966, 1967
Gillespie-Selden Community Center, Cordele, Ga.
75 13 Historical sketch, 1902-1967
75 14 Board of directors, no date
75 15 Board of directors: Meeting agendas, 1967, 1969
75 16 Board of directors: Meeting minutes, 1967-1969
75 17 Staff, 1967
75 18 Board and staff manual, January 1967
75 19 Problem clinic subcommittee minutes, 15 January 1969
75 20 Budgets, 1967, 1969
75 21 Financial reports, 1967, 1968
75 22 Correspondence, 1967-1971
75 23 Notes
75 24 Reports, 1966, 1968, and no date
75 25 Semi-annual reports: various, 1968, 1969
75 26 Community action program: Application, 1969
75 27 Collected printed material, 1961, 1969, and no date
Georgia Forum
76 1 Organizing meeting minutes, 12 December 1985
76 2 Bylaws, 1986
76 3 Editorial board members, no date
76 4 Editorial board development plan, 1988, no date
76 5 Editorial board: Meeting agendas, minutes, 1986
76 6 Editorial board: Meeting agendas, minutes, 1987
76 7 Editorial board: Meeting agendas, minutes, 1988
76 8 Editorial board: Meeting summaries, 1987-1988
76 9 Correspondence, 1985-1989, and no date
76 10 Briefing paper for authors, no date
76 11 Articles, 1986-1987
76 12 Articles, 1988-1989, and no date
76 13 Press releases, 1987, and no date
76 14 TV editorials, 1987
76 15 Usage reports, 1987
76 16 Notes and printed material
76 17 Florida Forum: Articles, 1987, 1989
76 18 North Carolina Forum: Articles, 1987-1989
76 19 South Carolina Forum: Articles, 1988
76 20 Virginia Forum: Articles, 1986, 1987
76 21 Clippings, 1986-1987, and no date