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Series 4
Writings by others
Boxes 57-58

Scope and Content Note

This section contains manuscripts and typescripts by writers apart from Tom Paulin. Highlights include a typescript by Seamus Heaney entitled The Tree Clock, dedicated to Tom Paulin, containing poems mostly eventually published in Seeing Things (1991). Other writings display the mix of history, politics and poetry in which Paulin himself is intellectually immersed.

Arrangement Note

Arranged into two sections: Essays on Tom Paulin, and Other writings.

Essays on Tom Paulin
Box Folder Content
57 1 O'Donoghue, Bernard. "Tom Paulin: Theoretical Locations and Public Positions," TS and photocopy of printed version
57 2 Unidentified. "Giving though free to refuse," photocopied TS
Other writings
57 3 Adamson, Ian, "The Pretanic Background to British and Irish History," TS
57 4 Cairns, D.W. and C.S. Richards, "'Pissing in the Gale of History': Contemporary Protestant Culture and the 'Ancient Curse,'" TS photocopy
57 5 Croghan, Rosaleen, "On Seeing Tom Paulin in B & Q," TS
57 6 Crowley, Tony, "A History of 'The History of the English Language,'" TS
57 7 Eagleton, Terry, Disappearances, TS
57 8 Eagleton, Terry, "Homage to Francis Hutcheson," TS fragments
57 9 Green, Arthur, "Homage to Heslinga," TS
57 10 Green, Arthur, "Northern Ireland as a British/Irish Issue," TS photocopy
57 11 Heaney, Seamus, "Making Strange," TS
57 12 Heaney, Seamus, The Tree Clock, TS
57 13 Hufstader, Jonathan, "Prod Baroque: Tom Paulin," TS [chapter of Ph.D. dissertation entitled Coming to Consciousness: Lyric Poetry as Social Discourse in the work of Charles Simic, Seamus Heaney, Tom Paulin, Tony Harrison, and Rita Dove]
57 14 Humphries, Simon, "'All By Turn and Turn About': The Indeterminacy of Hopkins's 'Epithalamion,'" TS
57 15 McCormack, W.J, Interventions [TS contents plan]
57 16 McDonald, Marianne, "Colonialism and Greek Tragedy: The Irish Experience," TS
57 17 McDonald, Marianne, "Dionysian Excess: Ancient Greek Tragedy into Modern Irish Masques," TS
57 18 McKendrick, Jamie, "They Talk," TS
57 19 Marken, Ronald, Flights of Angels, TS
57 20 Matthews, Aidan, Antigone, TS
58 1 Mornin, Daniel, In the Border Country, TS
58 2 O'Donoghue, Bernard, The Amateur Anatomist, TS [with MS and TS of blurb by Tom Paulin]
58 3 Ramanan, Mohan, "The Indian Intellectual Today," TS, and "The Indian Intellectual and Cultural Unity," TS
58 4 Shovlin, Frank, "Seumas O'Sullivan and The Dublin Magazine 1923-1958.
58 5 Simpson, Paul, "The Interactive World of 'The Third Policeman,'" TS
58 6 Sommer, Piotr, "A Conversation with John Ashbery," TS [with ALS dated 8 February 1981]
58 7 Sommer, Piotr, Inside the Chair, TS and Keepsakes Left Behind, TS Keepsakes Left Behind, TS
58 8 Youngs, Tim, "'My Footsteps on these Pages' . . . ," TS, and "Writing Africa in the 1980s," TS
58 9 Unidentified, Incomplete Dissertation TS [on Indian poets writing in English]
58 10 Unidentified texts