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Subseries 2.4
Legal records, 1831-1867
Boxes 86-87, OP1-OP3

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of legal records from William G. Porter and Company from 1831-1867. These records include powers of attorney, charter parties, and ships protests. Powers of attorney include those that were afforded by banks as part of the company's position as bank agent and collection agent, as well as instances where the company acted on behalf of insurance companies in settling claims. In several cases, William G. Porter and Company acted on behalf of outside participants in the sales and purchases of commodities such as ships and cattle. Other legal records include charter parties, a contract in which a ship is hired for the shipping of goods, and ships protests, legal documents that protect the ship's owner from liability after a ship has suffered loss caused by storm or wreckage. Also included are bonds of general average, which are contracts detailing the shared loss in case of damage to a ship or cargo in transport.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
86 1 Archibald J. Bennett, 1845 March
86 2 Bill of sale, Schooner Grierson, 1848
86 3 Charter party records, 1860 October, 1865 June-December
86 4 Charter party records, 1866 January-August
86 5 Contract, volunteer force in Indian frontier, no date
86 6 Contracts and letters, transfer of company, 1860, 1867
86 7 Foreign records, Cuban permission to enter the country, 1835
86 8 Foreign records, St. Thomas Wharfage of Schooner Meridian, 1833
86 9 Founding documents, William G. Porter and J. and C. Lawton, 1831, 1855
86 10 General average, Brig General Wilson, 1850 October
OP1 13 General average, Brig Sarah Brown, 1849 May
OP1 14 General average, Schooner Eckford Webb, 1857 June
86 11 General average, Schooner Eckford Webb, 1857 July
OP1 15 General average, Schooner Grierson, October 1853
86 12 General average, Schooner Grierson, 1854
OP1 16 Indenture, Apalachicola land, 1837, 1858
86 13 Notary work, Samuel Benezet, 1869
86 14 Property records (Apalachicola), 1836-1843
86 15 Power of attorney, abandonment of Brig Edwin, 1838
86 16 Power of attorney, Atlantic Insurance Company and others, circa 1836
OP1 17 Power of attorney, sale of Brig Durango, 1831 December 22
OP3 - Power of attorney, various insurance companies, circa 1836
86 17 Ships protest and attestations, 1831-1858
OP2 4 Ships protest and attestations, 1835 September
86 18 Ships protest and attestations, 1859-1867
OP1 18 Ships protest and attestations, 1868 May
87 1 Ships protest and bills, Schooner Grierson, 1852
87 2 Ships protest and bills, Schooner Grierson, 1853 January-September
87 3 Ships protest and bills, Schooner Grierson, 1853 October-1854 February