Raoul family papers
> Letters and personal papers

Series 1
Letters and personal papers, 1865-1982
Boxes 1-35, OP 1-2

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of letters written by individual Raoul family members and their other personal papers from 1865-1982. Letters written by the named individual to other family members are generally arranged in chronological order at the beginning of each subseries; letters written to persons outside the family, correspondence received, and other personal papers follow. Photographs of individuals and families are in Series 2; legal and financial records for individual family members may be found in Series 3.

Arrangement Note

The series is organized into thirteen subseries representing each of the following persons: (1.1) William Greene Raoul papers, (1.2) Mary Wadley Raoul papers, (1.3) Sarah Lois Wadley papers, (1.4) Mary Raoul Millis papers, (1.5) William Greene Raoul, Jr. papers, (1.6) Gaston C. Raoul papers, (1.7) Thomas Wadley Raoul papers, (1.8) Rebecca Barnard Raoul papers, (1.9) Agnes Raoul papers, (1.10) Rosine Raoul papers, (1.11) Loring Raoul papers, (1.12) Eleonore Raoul papers, and (1.13) Norman Raoul papers.

Description of Subseries