Raoul family papers
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Series 3
Financial and legal papers, 1890-1970
Boxes 42-45; OBV1

Scope and Content Note

Raoul family financial and legal papers include records relating to the estates of W. G. Raoul and Mary Wadley Raoul, Eleonore Raoul's financial records, and a few miscellaneous materials.

The W. G. Raoul Estate papers are primarily real estate records relating to a group of Atlanta lots owned by Raoul on Piedmont Avenue between 11th and 14th Streets. These documents include abstracts of titles, warranty deeds, plats, and tax and improvement records (1890-1922). A folder relating to the Raoul Heirs, Inc., a corporation set up to administer the estate, contains stock certificates and correspondence between the heirs concerning taxes and the sale of stocks and property. The Mary Wadley Raoul Estate papers (boxes 43-44) include correspondence, reports, tax records, investment statements, and real estate records (1890-1953). Most of the real estate records relate to Mary W. Raoul's property holdings in Bibb County and the western part of Fulton County along Gordon Road. These records include agreements, contracts, deeds, plats, tax records, titles, and correspondence about repairs, rentals, and sales. Other real estate records relate to the Peachtree Street house and include agreements, leases, and correspondence concerning insurance, maintenance, rental, and the sale of the property to the American Red Cross in 1941. Mary Wadley Raoul's will (1936) is included as are files for the trust funds set up for her sons Tom and Norman. Much of the correspondence in these estate papers is between the Raoul children, particularly Gaston, as administrator of the Raoul Heirs, Inc., and Eleonore as executrix of the Mary Wadley Raoul Estate.

Records of Eleonore Raoul include statements of investments, tax returns, and miscellaneous financial and legal papers (1927-1970). Among the latter are items relating to her property in Highlands, North Carolina and a portion of her 1970 will.

Miscellaneous materials in this series concern the purchase of Great Hill Place (William M. Wadley Estate) by Mary Wadley Raoul (1921) and the construction on Lullwater Road of a home designed by architect W. T. Downing (1914).

W. G. Raoul estate papers and miscellaneous
Box Folder Content
42 1-8 W. G. Raoul Estate - Real estate records for property on Piedmont Avenue, 1890-1946
42 9 W. G. Raoul Estate - Property tax receipts, 1913-1920
42 10 W. G. Raoul Estate - Raoul Heirs, Inc., 1918-1946
42 11 William M. Wadley Estate - miscellaneous, 1921-1923
42 12-13 Lullwater Road home
42 14 Miscellaneous family legal papers, 1962-1967
42 15 William Greene Raoul Lists of assets and debits; general outline of will
Mary W. Raoul estate papers
43 1 Ledger, 1936-1948
43 2 Will, 1936
43 3 Thomas Wadley Raoul Trust Fund, 1929-1953
43 4 Norman Raoul Trust Fund, 1931-1946
43 5-6 Bibb County property, 1923-1941
43 7-9 Fulton County properties, 1890-1948
43 10-11 Peachtree Street property, 1937-1941
44 1-4 General records, 1936-1951
44 5 Reports, 1936-1940
44 6-7 Tax records, 1936-1942
44 8 Statements, 1940-1941
44 9-14 Raoul Estates, Inc. - statements, 1940-1946
Eleonore Raoul records
45 1 Ledger, 1929-1932
45 2-8 Investment statements, 1927-1933
45 9-13 Tax returns, 1934-1945
45 14 Miscellaneous financial records, 1927-1950
45 15 Miscellaneous legal records, 1924-1970
Oversized volume
OBV 1 Ledger of Mary Wadley Raoul, 1932-1936