Series 4
Miscellaneous, 1881-1982
Box 46; OP 8-11

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous items in Series 4 include materials relating to the Raoul family/genealogy, the Raoul mansion, and writings about the Raoul family. Of particular interest in the Raoul family/genealogy material is a journal spanning nearly twenty years (1881-1899) containing entries written by each of the Raouls and documenting their lives in Savannah (1881-1886), New Brighton, New York (1889-1892), and Atlanta (1894-1899). Topics include the education, illnesses, and activities of the children, visits from relatives and friends, vacations and other travels. The births of the younger children are recorded, as well as the deaths of William Wadley, Edward Raoul, and Loring Wadley. Included in the journal are cablegrams, obituaries, other clippings, poems, and stories by the children.

Materials relating to the Raoul mansion include printed materials relating to the Mansion, blueprints of Raoul properties, a 1926 plat of the Druid Hills subdivision, and the original 1891 plan for landscaping the family's Peachtree Street house by architect Bradford Gilbert is also included.

Writings about the Raoul family include a photocopy of Mary Raoul Millis's The Family of Raoul: A Memoir (1943), as well as a typescript of her unfinished autobiography, written about 1953. The autobiography covers ca. 1870-1910, and breaks off at the point of her involvement with the Socialist Party. Subjects covered by the clippings include weddings and deaths, developments in Asheville, John Millis's army assignments, activities of the Millis children, and the Peachtree Street and Great Hill Place houses.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type.

Box Folder Content
46 1 Raoul family journal, 1881-1899
46 2 Gaston Cesar Raoul de Champmanoir: Baptismal record: Holograph copy, December 23, 1873
46 3 Jean Baptista Raoul de Champmanoir: Genealogical information: carbon typescript
46 4 Theus and Raoul de Champmanoir families: Genealogical information
46 5 Correspondence Jane Raoul Bingham/ Emily L. Wenzel; William Gaston Raoul to Sam, July 26
46 6 Memorabilia - general, ca. 1886-1897
46 7 Wedding invitations, calling cards, ca. 1890-1970
OP4 - Wadley family genealogical chart
Raoul mansion
46 8 "The Old in New Atlanta," by Elizabeth M. Sawyer and Jane Foster Matthew, 1978
46 9 Norman Raoul Clark: Correspondence: Raoul Mansion, 1984-1985
46 10 "The Raoul Estate: History and Preservation: A Project Analysis Prepared for Citizens and Southern Bank" by Urban Village Works, February 8, 1985 (1 original copy, 1 photocopy)
46 11 Clipping, March 4, 1985 and undated (photocopies)
46 12 Publicity: Printer's proof copy
OP2 - Plans for Raoul house at 708 Peachtree Street, 1891 and 1914
OP1 7 Plats of Raoul Family's Atlanta properties, 1913 and undated
OP3 - Plat of Druid Hills, 1926
Writings about Raoul family
47 1-2 The Family of Raoul: A Memoir by Mary Raoul Millis, 1943 (photocopy)
47 3 W. G. Raoul Foundation, Printed material, 1944
47 4 Autobiography of Mary Raoul Millis, 1953 (typescript), Chapters 1-2
47 5 Autobiography of Mary Raoul Millis, 1953 (typescript), Chapters 3-4
47 6 Autobiography of Mary Raoul Millis, 1953 (typescript), Chapters 5-7
47 7 Autobiography of Mary Raoul Millis, 1953 (typescript), Chapters 8-9
47 8 Autobiography of Mary Raoul Millis, 1953 (typescript), Chapters 10-12
47 9 Autobiography of Mary Raoul Millis, 1953 (typescript), Appendices
47 10 History of Great Hill Place, Bolingbroke, Ga., 1973
47 11 The Atlanta Historical Bulletin, v. XIX, no. 2, 1975
47 12 "Woman Suffrage Activities in Atlanta," Atlanta Historical Journal, v. XXIII, no.4, winter 1979/1980 (photocopy)
47 13 Clippings, 1886-1982
47 14 William Green Raoul: From Captain to Industry to Sergeant of Socialism: William Green Raoul and the Management of Southern Labor" by Robert J. McMath, Jr., April 9, 1987
47 15 Atlanta Then, Atlanta Now by Norman Shavin, undated