Series 8
Boxes 78-79, OP 1 and 6

Scope and Content Note

This series contains certificates and awards honoring Rich for his contributions to the merchandising field, the U.S. Army, and his community. Three plaques and memorabilia celebrating Rich's anniversaries are also included. A tape recording of the memorial service held for Rich on May 10, 1975 at the Atlanta Memorial Arts Center completes the series.

Box Folder Content
78 1-6 Certificates and Awards
78 7 Memorabilia Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Rich's
79 3 plaques honoring Rich
79 Tape recording of Rich's memorial service, May 10, 1975
Oversized folder
OP1 4 Memorabilia and Miscellany; 15 oversized certificates and awards (1 is for Rich's); 1 poster, Rich in "The Beautiful People of Georgia" advertisement
Oversized item
OP2 3 1 roll signed by members of Rich's Board of Directors offering family condolences on Rich's death (shelved in OP Box 1)