Series 2
Box 1: folders 3-27

Scope and Content Note

The manuscripts in this series consist of thirty items. Twenty-one folders contain various editions of a three part work which was apparently to be titled "Life of Yeats." Revised editions of two parts of this work, "Personality" and "The Dramatist," were published in Scattering Branches: Tributes to the Memory of W.B. Yeats (MacMillan Co.: New York, 1940). The manuscripts which appear to be earlier editions of this published material are located in folders 4 and 12.

The manuscripts for the "Life of Yeats" work are divided into three parts, according to the outline for the work provided by Robinson in the explanation of the work (folder 3). The first part is titled "Personality," the second is "The Early Poems," and the third is "The Dramatist," all of which concern Yeats and his work. Each part of the proposed "Life of Yeats" was revised by Robinson, resulting in multiple copies and revisions of each part. The most complete version of each part is arranged first in each section with incomplete manuscript parts following. Since none of this material is dated, this supplied arrangement does not necessarily indicate chronological order in the creation of these manuscripts.

The remaining manuscripts include a short description by Robinson of Yeats's funeral, an incomplete typescript of a possible article concerning Yeats's later poems, and some hand-written notes apparently concerning Yeats's work.

“Foreword” [from proposed “Life of Yeats”]
Box Folder Content
1 3 Foreword and Explanation of work: Typescript (carbon), 2 p. foreword with revisions, Typescript (carbon), 1 p. explanation (2 copies)
“Personality” [from proposed “Life of Yeats”]
1 4 “William Butler Yeats: Personality”: Typescript (carbons), 12 p. with revisions (2 copies)
1 5 “W.B. Yeats - Background and Personality”: Typescript (carbon), 14 p. with revisions (incomplete)
1 6 “W.B. Yeats - Background and Personality”: Typescript (carbon), 14 p. with revisions (incomplete)
1 7 “Background and Personality”: Typescript (original), 10 p. with revisions (incomplete)
“The Early Poems” [from proposed “Life of Yeats”]
1 8 “The Early Poems”: Typescript (original), 18 p. with revisions, Typescript (carbon), 16 p. with revisions (incomplete)
1 9 “Yeats: The Early Poems”: Typescript (carbons), 17 p. (2 copies)
1 10 “The Early Poems of W.B. Yeats”: Typescript (original), 6 p. with revisions, Typescript (carbon), 6 p.
1 11 “The Early Poems”: Typescript (part original, part carbon), 6 p. (incomplete)
“The Dramatist” [from proposed “Life of Yeats”]
1 12 “W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”: Typescript (original), 56 p.
Complete Abridged and Revised Editions
1 13 “The Dramatist”: Typescript (original), 23 p. with revisions
1 14 “W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”: Typescript (part original, part carbon), 23 p.
1 15 “W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”: Typescript (carbon), 21 p.
Incomplete Versions
1 16 “W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”: Typescript (original), 19 p. (incomplete)
1 17 “W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”: Typescript (oriiginal), 16 p. with revision (incomplete)
1 18 “W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”: Typescript (carbon), 15 p. (incomplete)
1 19 [“W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”]: Typescript (original), p.14 - 22 with revisions (incomplete)
1 20 [“W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”]: Typescript (part original, part carbon), p.14 -50 with revisions (incomplete)
1 21 [“W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”]: Typescript (carbon), p.14 - 22 with revisions (2 copies; incomplete)
1 22 [“W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”]: Typescript (original), p.13 - 40 with revisions (incomplete)
1 23 [“W.B. Yeats: Dramatist”]: Typescript (carbon), p.37 - 70 (incomplete)
Other Writings on Yeats
1 24 “W.B. Yeats”: Typescript (carbon), 2 p. with revisions, description of Yeats's funeral in Sligo, Ireland
1 25 “The Later Poems”: Typescript (original), 2 p. with revisions (incomplete), beginning of work about Yeats's later poems
1 26 “Recipe for a National Theatre”: Typescript (original), 9 p., includes photo of newsclipping from the Irish Times of Robinson speaking at the Abbey Theatre when Yeats and Lady Gregory portaits were presented to the theatre by the Haverty Trust [Accession 2001-10-07]
1 27 Handwritten notes: Handwritten material concerning Yeats's work