Series 5
Reference material and printed memorabilia
Boxes 19: folders 5-10; Box 20

Scope and Content Note

This series contains documents collected as reference materials for Rothschild's sermons and committee work as well as appointment books, printed programs and similar memorabilia removed from the scrapbooks. The reference materials yield valuable information in several areas. The folder on civil rights, for example, contains copies of two manifestos on race relations issued by Atlanta clergymen in 1957 and 1958. This folder also contains a copy of the address Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered at the 1963 UAHC convention, as well as the program and list of sponsors for the 1964 dinner Atlantans gave to honor Dr. King's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize. Arranged alphabetically by topic, the reference items indicate the kinds of sources Rothschild used to support his work.

The series of appointment books (Box 20: folder 7) covers only the period September 1970 to February 1974 and thus offers only a small glimpse into the rabbi's daily life. Box 20 also contains a variety of papers about Rothschild's travel abroad and his 25th Temple anniversary as well as a miscellany of conference programs and other printed items removed from the five scrapbooks the Rothschilds maintained.

Box Folder Content
19 5 Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith
19 6 Bombing of the Temple
19 7 Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)
19 8 Civil rights
19 9 Germany
19 10 Israel
20 1 Miscellaneous
20 2 Soviet Jewry
20 3 Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC)
20 4 World Union for Progressive Judaism
20 5 Memorabilia: Papers re travel abroad
20 6 Memorabilia: Twenty-fifth Temple anniversary
20 7 Appointment books: 1970 September–1974 February
20 8 Miscellaneous memorabilia: 1958 [removed from 1958 scrapbook]
20 9 Miscellaneous memorabilia: 1946-1959 [removed from 1946-1959 scrapbook]
20 10 Miscellaneous memorabilia: 1960-1971 [removed from 1960-1971 scrapbook]
20 11 Miscellaneous memorabilia: 1971-1973 [removed from 1971-1983 scrapbook]
20 12 Passports