Series 6
Posthumous materials, 1974-1985
Boxes 21 - 23

Scope and Content Note

This series contains sympathy letters and newspaper clippings from the period following Rothschild's death on 31 December 1973. It provides information about how individuals and groups viewed the rabbi's life and work. The incoming correspondence is arranged as it had been sorted originally according to the nature of Rothschild's relationship with the correspondent. Within each category the letters are arranged chronologically. A second portion of the series contains clippings about the rabbi's death. Together the two main sections of this series offer a retrospective view of Rothschild's effect on other individuals and on the community in which he lived.

The final items in this series are lists of names and addresses apparently used in preparing responses to condolences and the memorial book from Rothschild's funeral.

Box Folder Content
21 1-3 Condolences: General, 1974 January-June and undated
21 4 Condolences: Special, 1973 December 31-1974 November 29, undated
22 1-2 Condolences: Rabbis and wives, 1974 January-June
22 3-4 Condolences: Children
22 5 Condolences: Telegrams
22 6 Contributions: To Memorials in Israel
23 1 Contributions: To memorial funds in the United States
23 2 Contribution acknowledgements
23 3 Miscellaneous items [removed from 1971-1985 scrapbook]
23 4 Newspaper clippings
23 5 Newspaper clippings [removed from l971-1985 scrapbook]
23 6-8 Lists
23 9 Memorial record [bound volume]