Subseries 10.1
Audio recordings, 1986-2005
Boxes AV1-AV2

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains audiobooks and cassette tapes primarily related to Rushdie's writings from 1986-2005. Included are audio versions of selected readings from the books that comprised the Best of the Booker Prize shortlist in 1997 and an unabridged edition of Shalimar the Clown. The cassette tapes within the series represent interviews and programs in which Rushdie participated, with many pertaining to the fatwa and The Satanic Verses. Of particular note is a series of taped interviews with authors who supported Rushdie labeled "Writers for Rushdie." Also present are source interviews for the documentary The Riddle of Midnight and the digital master for the U2 song "The Ground Beneath Her Feet."

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type and then chronological order.

Restrictions on Access

The recording of Shalimar the Clown is restricted for copyright considerations. Researchers should search for this recording in the general library collection.

Box Folder Content
AV2 - Selected readings from the 1997 Booker Prize Shortlist, "the best of booker '97"
AV2 - Shalimar the Clown, narrated by Aasif Mandvi, unabridged, 2005 [not digitized] [RESTRICTED]
Cassettes, undated
AV1 - "The Ayatolla's Back," by Loose Bruce Kerr
AV1 - BBC Interview with Salman Rushdie on The Satanic Verses and W.H. Smith
AV1 - The Brian Morton Show, Salman Rushdie, Producer: Fiona Creall
AV1 - Devil's Advocate, Salman Rushdie
AV1 - The Free Radio, Radio Drama BBC
AV1 - "Fresh Air," American Public Radio
AV1 - The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Eps. 7-12, Radio 4
AV1 - Haroun and the Sea [1 of 2]
AV1 - Haroun and the Sea [2 of 2]
AV1 - "Hotel Lebanon," God's Own Little Poetry Band [dedicated to Salman Rushdie]
AV1 - Rushdie, San Francisco
AV1 - Salman Rushdie, Booker Interview
AV1 - Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio with John Huckenberry [1991]
AV1 - Writers for Rushdie I and II
AV1 - Writers for Rushdie III and IV
AV1 - Writers for Rushdie V
Cassettes, dated
AV1 - Interviews: research for The Riddle of Midnight, 1987
AV1 - Weekly Mail Book Week, "Booker Prize Winners Speak," Baxter Concert Hall, Cape Town, 4 November 1988
AV1 - Weekly Mail Book Week, Johannesburg, 7 November 1988
AV1 - CBC Radio National, "Sunday Morning," Salman Rushdie, 29 January 1989
- - Stephen King interviewed by WVFF, 22 February 1989 [The Satanic Verses]
AV1 - Reading for Rushdie I and II, Vancouver, 26 February 1989
AV1 - Reading for Rushdie III and IV, Vancouver, 26 February 1989
AV1 - "Truth and Fiction," ICA Panel/Discussion of The Satanic Verses, Paris 19 March 1989 [1 of 2]
AV1 - "Truth and Fiction," ICA Panel/Discussion of The Satanic Verses, Paris 19 March 1989 [2 of 2]
AV1 - Responses to Rushdie, "Talking Trouble," Hanif Kureishi, Shabbir Akhtar, 20 November 1989
AV1 - Radio One interview: Steve Wright and Salman Rushdie, 1991
- - Meridian Books, "Salman Rushdie in conversation with Christopher Bigsby for 'Meridian," BBC World Service, 13 February 1992
- - Start the Week, BBC Radio, with Maya Angelou, Francis Crick, Tom Stoppard, and Salman Rushdie, May 23, 1994
AV1 - Salman Rushdie, "The Arts Tonight," 21 March 1995
AV1 - Salman Rushdie, "El Ojo Critico," 30 October 1995
AV1 - Stories of the Century, Midnight's Children, July 1999
AV1 - Radio Libre, France Culture, 2 October 1999
AV1 - Odyssey, Transnational Identity, Rushdie, Sassen, 9 July 2001
AV1-AV2 - Interview with Salman Rushdie [7 cassettes] November 1, 2004 [See Subseries 2.4, Writings by Rushdie, Other writings, for transcript]
Digital audio tape
AV2 - U2, "The Ground Beneath Her Feet," master mix, full length, 16 December 1999
AV2 - Interview, Salman Rushdie interviewing Violeta Chamorro, July 28, 1986 [source material for The Jaguar Smile]