Subseries 10.2
Video recordings, 1981-2008
Boxes AV3-AV4

Scope and Content Note

The video recordings in this subseries primarily include Rushdie's public appearances, interviews, and programs related to his writing and life during the fatwa. The majority of the subseries focuses on Rushdie's novels, beginning in 1983 with a recording of the Presentation of the Booker McConnell Prize (Rushdie was nominated for Shame). The subseries also includes interviews after the publication of The Satanic Verses, Rushdie's documentary The Painter and the Pest, a biopic on Bruce Chatwin to which Rushdie contributed, and recordings of Rushdie's numerous appearances on Britain's late night television programs. Finally, the subseries contains a number of documentaries on various topics including Afghan women, the novelist Angela Carter, Kashmir, and Franz Fanon.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type, then in chronological order.

Restrictions on Access

The recordings of Rushdie's 50th birthday party, 1997, and his home videos in New York City, are restricted.

MiniDV cassette [Restricted]
Box Folder Content
AV3 - "Salman's 50th birthday party," 1997 [not digitized] [RESTRICTED]
VHS-C cassette [Restricted]
AV3 - Salman Rushdie home videos, visiting New York, at home with family [RESTRICTED]
Video cassettes, undated
AV3 - "Hypotheticals: A Satanic Scenario"
AV3 - "Interview with Ibrahim Rahim," TV2-Norway
AV3 - "Salman Rushdie: Godmorgen Sverige"
AV3 - Salman Rushdie reading at the Arthur Miller Centre at UEA
Video cassettes, dated
AV3 - Arena: "A Tall Story, How Salman Rushdie Pickled All India," 8 December 1981
AV3 - "Bookmark: Presentation of the Booker McConnell Prize," BBC2, 1983
AV3 - "Newsnight" [story on Shame and 1983 Booker Prize] 1983
AV3 - "Voices: Salman Rushdie and Günter Grass," and "Eudora Welty: A Writer's Beginnings, 1985, 1987"
AV3 - "The Painter and the Pest: Part 2," 8 May 1985
AV3 - "Salman Rushdie Part 1 & 2," Bombay Broadcasting Network, 1986
AV3 - The Riddle of Midnight, finished film, 1987
AV3 - The Riddle of Midnight, "c/copy rolls 1-3," circa 1987
AV3 - The Riddle of Midnight, subtitled rehearsal cassette, December 21, 1987
AV3 - "Literatuer," interview with Salman Rushdie and Albert Helman [1988]
AV3 - "Angels and Devils, Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses," BBC, 28 September 1988
AV3 - "The Night After the Revolution," Take 7 Productions, 1989
AV3 - "Review of the Year," BBC, 1989
AV3 - "Opinions: Fay Weldon - Sackcloth & Ashes" [Discussion of the Rushdie Affair] March 1989
AV3 - "Iranian Nights," Bandung Productions, 20 May 1989 [documentary on -play by Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton in response to the Rushdie affair]
AV3 - "Heart of the Matter: 'Muslim Women,'" 9 July 1989 [Women for Rushdie]
AV3 - "Byline: The Blasphemers' Banquet," 31 July 1989 [Also titled "Publish and Be Damned"
AV3 - "South Bank Show" [August 1990]
AV3- - "The Sunday Times, 'Rushdie,' & 'Rushdie/Fashion,'" 21 September 1990
AV3 - "The Late Show," 24 September 1990
AV3 - "Salman Rushdie, 60 Minutes," 29 October 1990
AV3 - "The Late Show," 26 November 1990
AV3 - "Arts Review '90" [Salman Rushdie is a participant] [December 1990]
AV3 - "What is to be Done?: the Fatwa Three Years On," BBC2 [Tom Stoppard, Günter Grass, Martin Amis, & Salman Rushdie," 1992
AV3 - "Salman Rushdie Interview: Van dis in de Ijsbreker," Holland, 9 February 1992 [Dutch]
AV3 - "Toni Morrison interviewed by Salman Rushdie," 3 June 1992
AV3 - [CNN International World News story on Rushdie and the US]; "Salman Rushdie…Talking with David Frost," Sky TV; "Shooting the Writer"; and "Human Rights, Human Wrongs," BBC, 1993
AV3 - "Late Late Show," RTE One, Ireland, 1993
AV3 - "The Late Show" with Mark Lawson [Salman Rushdie and others discuss the state of the novel] 1993
AV3 - [Various news and interview appearances by Salman Rushdie, 1993]
AV3 - "World This Week," Sheena McDonald with Salman Rushdie [1993] and "The Late Show" [on Sarajevo, with Salman Rushdie] 1993
AV3 - "In the Shadow of the Fatwa," 7 February 1993
AV3 - "Haroun and the Sea of Stories," BBC, 1 March 1993
AV3 - "The World This Week," 4 September 1993
AV3 - "...talking with David Frost: #32 Salman Rushdie," 26 November 1993
AV3 - "Salman Rushdie: Ecrivain," La Sept/ARTE, 17 February 1994
AV3 - "Five Years of the Fatwa," Oasis Television, 18 February 1994
AV3 - "The Late Show: India Week," April 1994 [Rushdie is a participant]
AV4 - "The Late Show - India Week Press Comp," 11-14 April 1994
AV4 - "Lateline," 4 October 1994
AV4 - "Face to Face," Salman Rushdie, BBC [19 October 1994]
AV4 - Everyman: "Publish and Be Damned," 11 December 1994
AV4 - "Clive Anderson Talks Back: interview with Salman Rushdie," 1995
AV4 - "Kulter Welt Spiegel: Salman Rushdie," 5 March 1995
AV4 - "10 ½ Spezial," Ernst A. Grandits Interview with Salman Rushdie, April 1995 [in German]
AV4 - "The WH Smith Bookshow, with Eve Pollard," 31 May 1995 [appearance by Salman Rushdie]
AV4 - "Salman Rushdie Interview," Black Box, 18 September 1995
AV4 - "Magazine: 'Lo mas Plus,' Invitado: Salman Rushdie," 31 October 1995
AV4 - "Frostrup on Friday, Part Two," interview with Salman Rushdie [1996] and [Booker Award Dinner 1996]
AV4 - "Le Cercle de Minuit: Les Intellectuels," 23 January 1996
AV4 - "Fine Cut: Andrea Stretton Interviews Salman Rushdie," Masterpiece SBS TV, 18 March 1996
AV4 - "Whitbread Prize 1997," 3SAT Kulturzeit, January 21, 1998
AV4 - "Frostrup on Friday: Jimmy Neal and Salman Rushdie," 1998
AV4 - Salman Rushdie press conference, 25 September 1998
AV4 - "BBC Digital Prepositioning 100," November 5, 1998 [Advertisement with cameo by Rushdie]
AV4 - "Random House: Interview Rolls #1, #2," 13 November 1998
AV4 - "Books of the Year," Booked Series, Part 1 of 2, 12 December 1998 [Salman Rushdie is a participant]
AV4 - "In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin, Part 1," 1999
AV4 - "In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin, Part 2," 1999
AV4 - "Salman Rushdie, 'Rendez-vous a New York,'" 1999
AV4 - "Un Siècle d'écrivains: Salman Rushdie," 1999 [in English]
AV4 - "The Book Show," Rushdie on The Ground Beneath Her Feet," 4 April 1999
AV4 - Arena: "Salman Rushdie and The Ground Beneath His Feet," 22 April 1999
AV4 - "Servizio de Salman Rushdie," TV2 Giorno, 23 April 1999 [Italian]
AV4 - "The Ou Café: Salman Rushdie," October 2, 1999 [interviewed by Catherine Ceylac] [French]
AV4 - "Salman Rushdie: 'Exceptionnel!' Rencontre Fnac St-Lazare," 5 October 1999
AV4 - "Land Van Herkomst: India, 2001
AV4 - "Bookweek 2001: NOVA Bookweek with Rushdie, Benali, and Allas," 12 March 2001, and "Journaal: Bookball and Conversation with Salman Rushdie," 13 March 2001
AV4 - "Imagine… Unsuitable for Children?" May 30, 2004
AV4 - "Unreported World: 'The Killing of Kashmir,'" Mentorn Oxford, 2005
AV4 - "Sir Salman Rushdie Lecture," Day Chapel, The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, July 7, 2008