Salman Rushdie papers
> Additions received from Elizabeth West (bulk 1988-2000)

Series 13
Additions received from Elizabeth West, 1988-2012 (bulk 1988-2000)
Boxes 226-229, OP3, and AV 5

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of papers of Salman Rushdie from 1988-2012 (bulk 1988-2000) which were received from ex-wife Elizabeth West. The series contains subject files, writings by Rushdie and other authors, printed and promotional material, and video recordings. Subject files document literary and humanitarian organizations with which Rushdie was associated. Writings by Rushdie include essays, speeches, reviews, and scripts. Notable among his writings are drafts of an unproduced screenplay, The Courter, and a review of Kurt Vonnegut's Hocus Pocus. Writings by others are predominately about Rushdie, and there is also a manuscript of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean Dominique Baudby. Printed and promotional material consist of newspaper clippings, programs, and publications relating to Rushdie and his work. Video recordings including interviews of Rushdie as well as films.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Travel documents, correspondence, some notes relating to Rushdie's writings, health records, financial records, legal records, and phone lists are closed to researchers.

Use copies have not been made for audiovisual material in this series. Researchers must contact the Rose Library at least two weeks in advance for access to these items. Collection restrictions, copyright limitations, or technical complications may hinder the Rose Library's ability to provide access to audiovisual material.


Arranged and described at the folder level by Kyle DeBell, Muriel Jackson, and Sarah Quigley in June 2017 as part of the Georgia Archives Institute. The collection was received with no original order and archivists imposed the filing system to facilitate access.

Box Folder Content
AV5 - "The 100 Images of the Century," CAPA Television (Paris, France), undated [original: VHS]
226 1 Amnesty International, 1996
226 2 Al-Azim, Sadik J., "Islamic Fundamentalism Reconsidered: A Critical Outline of Problems Ideas, and Approaches," article, 1993-1994
226 3 Atlanta Committee, undated
226 4 Biographical data, 1993
226 5 Bail, Murray, "The Seduction of My Sister," short story, undated
AV5 - Bandler, Faith, "Meet the Press," undated [original: VHS]
226 6 Baudby, Jean Dominque, The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly, memoir, 1997
226 7 Bourdieu, Pierre, "Un Parlement, Pour Quoi Faire?," undated
226 8 Business cards, undated
226 9 Clippings, 1992-2000 [1 of 3]
226 10 Clippings, 1992-2000 [2 of 3]
226 11 Clippings, 1992-2000 [3 of 3]
226 12 The Commonwealth Foundation, 2000
227 1 Companhia de Teatro, 1995
AV5 - "Declarations," Brook Productions (London, England), undated [original: VHS]
227 2 Derrida, Jacques, "Les Litteratures Deplacees," undated
AV5 - Dreviclon (?), Elizabeth and Philippe Borrel, "'Wanted Dead' 15'," undated [original: VHS]
227 3 "Dialogue Critique Avec L'Iran Paris, 1995 June 22
AV5 - Dibb, Mike, "Mirrors of Paradise," Channel 4 Television/Arts Council (London, England), undated
AV5 - Dimbleby, J., unidentified recording, undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Entrevista a Vida Luz Meneses," undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Face to Face: Martin Amis," circa 1993 [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Face the Press," show reel, undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Fin de Siecle--The End of History," Brook Productions (London, England), undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Fin de Siecle," ideology cut three, undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Getting Away with Murder," 1993 December 13 [original: VHS]
227 4 Gillespie, Dr. I. S., "Iconoclasm and the Subcontinent," essay, undated
227 5 Hamilton, Ian, "The First Life of Salman Rushdie," New Yorker, article proof, 1995 December 25-1996 January 1
227 6 Helsinki Citizens Assembly, 1993-1994
AV5 - Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury, Brituic, various recordings, 1992 October 6
AV5 - Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury, various recordings, 1992 October 6 [original: VHS]
227 7 Johansson, Eva C., "History Seen Through An Amalgamation of "Metafictional Fragments in Salaman Rushdie's Shame," student paper, 1994 September
228 11 King's College wine list, undated
227 8 Levy, Bernard-Henri, "La Victorie De Salaman Rushdie?," speech, 1995
227- 9 Map of New York State, undated
AV5 - "My Macondo," Channel 4 Television (London, England), 1990 October 5 [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Noms de Dieux," R.T.B.F., Palais des Congres (Liege, Belgium), undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - Pawlikowski, Pawel, "From Moscow to Petushki," 1990 [original: VHS]
227 10 Pen International, 1996
227 13 Photographs, undated
AV5 - "Pina Bausch," undated [original: VHS]
227 11 Pinter, Harold, "God," poem, undated
AV5 - "Points of View," 1992 March 11 [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Price of Progress," Tele-Cine Limited Video House (London, England), undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "The Promised Land," and "Here Today, Here Tomorrow," documentaries, undated
227 12 Promotional materials, undated
227 14 Publications, 1994-2012 [1 of 2]
227 15 Publications, 1994-2012 [2 of 2]
227 16 Programs, 1994-1998
AV5 - Rafaeli, B., unidentified recording, 1989 January 28 [original: VHS]
227 17 Random House Sales Report, undated
AV5 - Rioyo, Javier and J.L. Lopez-Linares, "Storm the Skies," 1996 [original: VHS]
227 18 Rushdie, Salman, 5th International Latin-America Book Fair, speech, undated
227 19 Rushdie, Salman, "Alternative Careers," essay, undated
227 20 Rushdie, Salman, Austrian independence speech, English and Austrian drafts, undated
227 21 Rushdie, Salman, book of the year selection review, 1993 July 9
227 22 Rushdie, Salman, "Bosnia on My Mind," essay, 1994
227 23 Rushdie, Salman, The Courter, screenplay draft [1], undated
227 24 Rushdie, Salman, The Courter, screenplay draft [2], undated
228 1 Rushdie, Salman, The Courter, screenplay draft [3], undated
AV5 - Rushdie, Salman, "Dichter, Tod und Teufel," undated [original: VHS]
228 2 Rushdie, Salman, "Early Adventures in the Rag Trade," essay, 1994
228 3 Rushdie, Salman, "Farming Ostriches," keynote address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1996 April 17
228 4 Rushdie, Salman, "For Le Nouvel Observateur," essay, 1994 April 29
228 5 Rushdie, Salman, galleys of stories for the New Yorker, 1994 July 28
228 6 Rushdie, Salman, Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut, review, undated
228 7 Rushdie, Salman, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, play script, 1992 [includes editorial correspondence]
228 8 Rushdie, Salman, keynote speech for International Parliament of Writers, 1994 February 13
228 9 Rushdie, Salman, notes, undated
228 10 Rushdie, Salman, "On Being Photographed," essay, 1995 November 15
AV5 - Rushdie, Salman, "Pinocchio," Rai Due (Italy), 1999 April 22 [original: VHS]
228 12 Rushdie, Salman, "Places Called Mama's," essay, undated
228 13 Rushdie, Salman, "Pour Rushdie," book review, undated
OP 19 Rushdie, Salman, The Satanic Verses, book jacket proofs, undated
228 14 Rushdie, Salman, "The Struggle for the Soul of Islam," New York Times editorial, 1993 July 12
AV5 - Rushdie, Salman, unidentified recording, undated [original: VHS]
228 15 Ruth, Arne, report and transcript of interview with Sadik Al-Azm, 1995
AV5 - "Salman Rushdie-Wogan Pal," Creative TV, undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Scenes for a Revolution," Channel 4 Television (London, England), undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - Shapinsky, (Harold?), "The Painter and the Poet," part one, 1985 May 10
228 16 Shoulson (Doctor), course syllabus, undated
228 17 Simecka, Milan, "New States, New Citizens," speech, 1993
AV5 - Singh, Inderjit (?), "Sikhs," undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - Sniffet, Gyllene and U. Bonnier, "Rushdie," undated [original: VHS]
228 18 Suter, David W. "Of the Devil's Party: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell in Satanic Verses," article, 1992
AV5 - "They Won't Believe Me," undated [original: VHS]
228 19 Ticket, Hayward Gallery, 1995 March 11
AV5 - "Towers of Silence" or "The World This Week," undated [original: VHS]
228 20 Unidentified art, undated
228 21 Unidentified floorplan, undated
AV5 - "Vidal in Venice," part one, undated [original: VHS]
AV5 - "Vidal in Venice," part two, undated [original: VHS]
228 22 Welsh, Irvine, portion of the glossary from the American version of Trainspotting, circa 1993
228 23 Who's Who entry, 1996-1997