Subseries 3.1
Writings about Rushdie, 1983-2004
Boxes 66-75

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of typescripts and proofs of writings by others concerning Salman Rushdie. Included are adaptations of his work, articles and essays, book-length works, book reviews, poems, scripts, speeches, theses and dissertations, and translations from 1983-2004. Adaptations include several versions of Haroun and the Sea of Stories adapted for the stage and film. The bulk of articles and essays, as well as the theses and dissertations, discuss Rushdie's major works, Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses. Another significant portion of the writings about Rushdie, especially the book-length works, address the publication of The Satanic Verses and the fatwa, or what many began to call "The Rushdie Affair." Speeches primarily include drafts of introductions of Rushdie at readings and other events.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type, then in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
66 1 Bensted, Peter, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, adapted for the stage, play script, January 10, 1997
66 2 Fenton, James, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, opera libretto, typescript
66 3 Hoerdemann, Carolyn A. Haroun and the Sea of Stories, a theatrical adaptation, typescript
66 4 Illuminated Film Company, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, film script based on the novel by Salman Rushdie, typescript
66 5 Kennedy, A.L. Haroun and the Sea of Stories, stage adaptation, incomplete draft
66 6 Kennedy, A.L. Haroun and the Sea of Stories, stage adaptation, play script, October 20, 1994
66 7 Krüger, Corinna, Harun und das Meer de Geschichten, stage adaptation of Haroun and the Sea of Stories, play script, November 29, 1994
66 8 McCurry, Danny, Midnight's Child, film script proposal, typescript, December 28, 2002
66 9 Ruiz, Raoul, The Ground Beneath her Feet, based on Salman Rushdie's novel, film script, 2nd draft, January 2001
66 10 Ruiz, Raoul, La Terre sous ses Pieds, D'après le roman de Salman Rushdie, film script, 2nd draft, January 2001
67 1 Schooler, Luan and Dominique Serrand, play script adaptation of Haroun and the Sea of Stories, typescript, August 14, 2002
67 2 Various, The Sea of Stories, play script based on Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, typescript, November 21, 1992
67 3 Al-Azm, Sadik J., "The Importance of Being Earnest about Salman Rushdie," photocopy of transcript, 1989
67 4 Ali, Tariq, "Paul Scott's Fictional History: An Opium for the People?," photocopy of typescript
67 5 Atwood, Margaret, "Letter to Salman Rushdie," essay, typescript, January 30, 1992
67 6 Auster, Paul, and Don Delillo, text for Salman Rushdie Defense pamphlet, December 1993
67 7 Barbed Wire Choir, "Salman Rushdie," music score with translated text, January 30, 1994
67 8 Barnes, [Julian], "Letter from London," typescript, January 28, 1994
67 9 Barnett, Anthony, "A Brush with India," typescript, February 15, 1995
67 10 Biégelmann, Fabienne, "The World According to Rushdie: The Room of Voices," translated by Rosalind Greenstein, typescript, March 1994
67 11 Bilgrami, Akeel, "Rushdie and the Reform of Islam," Typescript, [1989]
67 12 Blenford, Adam, "Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushdie," essay, typescript, January 31, 1996
67 13 [Bourgeois], Marianne, "Rushdie - Les Versets Sataniques," typescript, February 14, 1992 [in French]
67 14 Buffet, Cyril, "Project de Preface au Livre Sur Salman Rushdie," typescript, February 27, 1998 [French]
67 15 Bush, Ronald, "Salman Rushdie and Postcolonial Fiction: The Satanic Verses, Ulysses, Frankenstein and Other Texts," photocopy of corrected typescript Ulysses, Frankenstein and Other Texts," photocopy of corrected typescript
67 16 Buss, Michael C., "A Re-Evaluation of the Rushdie Affair,"
67 17 Chatterjee, Manini, untitled essay about The Satanic Verses and India, typescript, 1988
67 18 Cuota, Maria Aurora, "Enigmatic Arrivals," essay, typescript
67 19 Darahabi, Haideh, "Reclaiming Satanic Verses as Literature," typescript
67 20 Darwish, Haia, "The Satanic Verses: A Dialect of Art and History," photocopy of corrected typescript, April 1989
67 21 Dassetto, Felice, "En lisant les versets sataniques. Invitation," photocopy of typescript
67 22 D'Costa, Garvin, "The Satanic Verses in British Society: Secular Discourse and the Clash of Faiths, typescript, April 4, 1990
67 23 Del Rio, Frances, Letter to the Editor of Mother Jones, typescript, April 17, 1990 [about The Satanic Verses]
67 24 DePauw University, English 282: Critical Theory, papers discussing The Satanic Verses, September 19, 1990
67 25 Dingwaney, Anuradha, "Re-playing and Re-worlding the Subcontinent: Salman Rushdie's Strategies of Resistance," typescript
67 26 Easterman, Daniel, "Salman Rushdie and his critics," The Bookseller, typescript, 1992
67 27 Eralp, I.R., "Salman's End: Exposing the Absurdity of The Satanic Verses," typescript
67 28 Eyeington, Mark, untitled essay on The Satanic Verses, typescript, March 3, 1989
67 29 Farah, Nuruddin, "Les Affaires Khomeini," photocopy of typescript, June 19, 1989
68 1 Gass, William H., "Tribalism, Identity, and Ideology," typescript, December 27, 1993
68 2 Ghosh-Schellhorn, Martina, "The Satanic Verses: Salman Rushdie as Satanic Versifier?" typescript, June 12-15, 1991
68 3 Greenburg, Diana, "Salman Rushdie: The Pen's Power, the Sword's Wrath," typescript, December 10, 1993
68 4 Hagtvet, Bernt, "Alfred Dreyfus and Salman Rushdie - the Embarrassing Parallels," typescript, 1998
68 5 Hamilton, Ian, "Salman Rushdie," typescript [1995?]
68 6 Harris, Roy, "English versus Islam: the Asian Voice of Salman Rushdie," Asian Voices in English Symposium, University of Hong Kong, April 27-30, 1990
68 7 Harrison, James, "Reconstructing Midnight's Children and Shame," typescript, July 6, 1988 Shame," typescript, July 6, 1988
68 8 Harrison, Tony, The Blasphemer's Banquet, verse film script, facsimile copy of typescript, October 7, 1989
68 9 Hawes, Clement, "Leading History by the Nose: The Turn to the Eighteenth Century in Midnight's Children," essay, typescript
68 10 Hellerstein, Nathaniel Shawn, "Satanic Epistles: A Story Letter to Salman Rushdie," typescript
68 11 Hitchens, Christopher, "Not Dead Yet," typescript
68 12 Hitchens, Christopher, "To the Editor of the Guardian," facsimile copy of typescript, November 19, 1997 [about The Satanic Verses]
68 13 Hitchens, Christopher, "Satanic Curses," typescript, December 2, 1997
68 14 Hussain, Amir, "The Fire this Time: On Mr. Rushdie as a Postcolonialist," typescript, November 29, 1993
68 15 Hussain, Amir, "The Revolution Betrayed," November 28, 1989
68 16 Hussain, Amir, "The Revolution Betrayed: 'Islamic Themes and Allusions in The Satanic Verses, and the Canadian Muslim Community's Responses to the Book," typescript, May 21, 1990
68 17 Hussain, Amir, "On The Satanic Verses," University of Toronto Symposium, March 30, 1990
68 18 Jatoi, Ayesha, "Rushdie's History - Myth Masala," typescript, November 1998
68 19 Jensen, Axel, "God Doesn't Read Novels, A Guide to Salman Rushdie's World," typescript
68 20 Jussawalla, Feroza, "Chapter V: Beyond Indianness: The Stylistic Concerns of Midnights Children," typescript
68 21 Kakutani, Michiko, "Critic's Notebook: New Wave of Writers Reinvents Literature," draft for The New York Times, typescript, April 22, 2000
68 22 Karr, Mary, "The Domestic Verses of Salman Rushdie," for the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle Review, September 13, 2002, typescript, draft
68 23 Kaylan, [Mine?], "The Satanic Verses: Unreadable for Whom?," typescript, May 1988
68 24 Khosla, Nandini , Communication and Perspective," typescript, February 9, 1995
68 25 Kundera, Milan, untitled essay in defense of Salman Rushdie, typescript, November 6, 1991
68 26 Lajevardi, Ladan, "Fatwa," typescript
68 27 Llosa, Mario Vargas, "Carta a Salman Rushdie," typescript, February 7, 1992 [Spanish]
68 28 Lorch, Maristella, "Lunatic Verses, or Two Italians in Astoria," December 30, 1991
68 29 McCabe, Colin, "A Defense of Criticism," typescript
68 30 McEwan, Ian, "A Move Abroad : Or Shall We Die? And The Ploughman's Lunch, typescript, 1989
68 31 Mely, Benoit, "L'Affaire Rushdie Aujourd'hui: Vers Une 'De faite de La Pensee'?" typescript, October 5, 1992
69 1 Mendus, Susan, "The Tigers of Wrath and the Horses of Instruction, typescript
69 2 Mitchell, Adrian, "A Unicorn for Salman," typescript, 1991
69 3 Mobarak, Suzanne, "Tossed Saladin: Hybridity and Revelation in The Satanic Verses," typescript
69 4 Mohood, Tariq, "Muslims, Incitement to Hatred and the Law, " and review of A Faith for All Seasons: Islam and Western Modernity by Shabbir Akhtar, typescripts, 1990
69 5 Montaut, Annie, "Les mensoges de la pureté ou l'Inde de Rushdie (à propos du Dernier soupir du Maure)," proof, [1996] [in French]
69 6 Mubarak, Yusuf, "The Satanic Verse: Do Muslims have to be fanatics?" typescript, August 4, 1998
69 7 Müller, Sabine, Untitled essay on The Moor's Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie, typescript, November 27, 1999
69 8 Najafi, M.A., "Salman Rushdie," July 21, 1994 [in Farsi]
69 9 Nativel, Amazone, "Refuge / Asylum Cities in Europe," photographic project proposal, April 1999
69 10 Nygaard, William, "On the Necessity of Publishing Salman Rushdie," facsimile, October 6, 1995
69 11 O'Grady, Richard T., "Commentary on Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses," typescript, February 24, 1989
69 12 Pairaudeau, Natasha, "Political Fictions and the Politics of Literature: The Leaky Novels of Salman Rushdie," typescript, May 1999
69 13 Peeters, Carol, compiler, "Letters to Salman Rushdie," to appear in Vrij Nederland, March - May 1989
69 14 Peterson, E. Ladewig, "Fatwa and Jihad," typescript, July 16, 1997
69 15 Philip, Jim, "Journeywork," typescript
69 16 Porée, Marc, Lecture delivered in conjunction with English teaching exam in France, typescript, March 23, 1996
69 17 Raffat, Donné, "Boundaries of the Imagination," Modern Language Association Forum, typescript, December 29, 1993
69 18 Ruthven, Malise, "A Satanic Affair," book proposal, typescript
69 19 Said, Edward W., "A Many Sided Crisis," typescript, [1987]
69 20 Salzman, Ted, "Summer Reading," and letter to the editor of The New York Times, typescripts, July 9, 1991
69 21 Scodel, Ruth, "Swimming in the Sea of Stories," typescript, 1992
69 22 Segal, Hannah, "Salman Rushdie and the Sea of Stories: A Not So Simple Fable about Creativity, typescript
69 23 Shilshole, Daniel, "Invasion of the Ayatollah," typescript, February 15, 1989
69 24 Sievers, Robert, "The Holocaust Remembered: Storm Clouds Regathering?," typescript
69 25 Slovak, Paul, Promotional text for Haroun and the Sea of Stories, facsimile copy of typescript, October 11, 1990
69 26 Smith, Ben, untitled short story about Salman Rushdie, typescript
69 27 Sortland, Bjorn, The Story of the South, proof copy, September 24, 1999
69 28 Steenhaus, Aafke, Introduction for In the Cakewalk: Writers about the Twentieth Century, translation by Gordon Watson, 2 typescript drafts, 1990, 1991
69 29 Styron, William, untitled essay written on third anniversary of the fatwa, typescript, January 30, 1992
69 30 Thakur, Ravni Rai, "Sulman [sic] Rushdie's Satanic Verses or a Search for Modern Identity, typescript, March 29, 1990
69 31 Turow, Scott, untitled editorial, facsimile copy of typescript, December 9, 1993
69 32 Unknown, " 'Fictions Where a Man Could Live:' The Works of Salman Rushdie," typescript
69 33 Unknown, "In the Light of Al-Quran, Lessons from 'Rushdie Affair' for a Moslem in a Pluralistic Society, photocopy of typescript
69 34 Unknown, Publicity blurb for The Novel Century, television show on LWT Arts for Channel Four, 1998 [Rushdie was one of four authors featured]
69 35 Unknown, "Salman Rushdie," typescript
69 36 Unknown, untitled essay [about Rushdie, Fatwa, and political response in England] [fragment]
69 37 Unknown, untitled essay [about Salman Rushdie and Midnight's Children], photocopy of corrected typescript
69 38 Unknown, untitled fragment [regarding Nellie massacre in Assam, India, 1983]
69 39 Verma, Jatinder, "A Plea for St. Valentine's Day," essay, typescript, January 24, 1992
70 1 Veselá, Marie, "Multicultural Facets of Magic Reality in Rushdie's Novels," photocopy of typescript, 1998
70 2 Waage, Peter Norman, "When Cultures Collide: An Essay on Islam and Europe with Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses as a Point of Departure," typescript [incomplete]
70 3 Webster, Richard, "A Brief History of Blasphemy, Liberalism, Censorship and The Satanic Verses, typescript
70 4 Weidhaas, Peter, "Rushdie and the Frankfort Book Fair," photocopy of typescript, July 1993
70 5 Werbner, Pnina, "Allegories of Sacred Imperfections: Magic, Hermeneutics and Passion in The Satanic Verses, typescript, May 1991
70 6 [Weschler, Lawrence], "Akumal's Shapinsky," [variant title: "Shapinsky's Karma], notes
70 7 Westphal, Ina, "Translating The Satanic Verses," typescript, February 21, 1996
70 8 Wilson, Robert Rawdon, "Supporting Salman Rushdie, The Politics of Counter-Attack," review of The Rushdie Letters, typescript, June 15, 1992
70 9 Wood, James, untitled essay, typescript, September 20, 2001
70 10 Yussef, Saeed, "The Time Wasted for Salman Rushdie," International Book Fair, Göteborg, Sweden, typescript, September 10, 1992
Book length works
70 11 [D'Souza, Frances], Religious Rage: The Campaign Against the Fatwa, typescript, March 3, 1999
70 12 Erickson, John, Cultural Conflict: Islam and the Postcolonial Narrative, "Chapter Five," typescript, January 14 and April 2, 1997
70 13 Farassati, Ali, L'otage des mollahs; Derrière l'affaire Salman Rushdie, draft copy, December 24, 1993
70 14 Harrison, James, "Chapter 6, The Satanic Verses," from Salman Rushdie (Twayne's English Author Series), typescript, 1990 Salman Rushdie (Twayne's English Author Series), typescript, 1990
70 15 Noakes, Jonathon and Margaret Reynolds, Salman Rushdie: The Essential Guide, proof copy, December 11, 2002
71 1 Pipes, Daniel, The Rushdie Affair: The Novel, The Ayatollah and the West, typescript, September 29, 1989, pp 1-99 [1 of 2]
71 2 Pipes, Daniel, The Rushdie Affair: The Novel, The Ayatollah and the West, typescript, September 29, 1989, pp 100-232 [2 of 2]
71 3 Priskil, Peter, Salman Rushdie: Portrait of a Poet and Taslima Nasrin: The Death Order and Its Background, photocopy, 1995 Taslima Nasrin: The Death Order and Its Background, photocopy, 1995
71 4 Rauch, Jonathan, Kindly Inquisitors: New Thoughts to Free Thought, typescript, 1992
71 5 Ruthven, Malise, A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Rage of Islam, photocopy of corrected typescript [1 of 2]
71 6 Ruthven, Malise, A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Rage of Islam, photocopy of corrected typescript [2 of 2]
72 1 Salmon, Christian, Tombeau de la Fiction, typescript, February 4, 1999 [in French]
72 2 Steiner, Wendy, The Scandal of Pleasure: Art in an Age of Fundamentalism, proof copy, 1995 [1 of 2]
72 3 Steiner, Wendy, The Scandal of Pleasure: Art in an Age of Fundamentalism, proof copy, 1995 [2 of 2]
72 4 Western, John, With No Direction Home: Some Barbadian Londoners, Chapters 1, 12 and portions of 10, typescript, March 12, 1990
Book reviews
72 5 Aru, Review of Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, typescript, March 11, 1983
72 6 Becker, Stephen, Review of The Moor's Last Sigh, facsimile copy of typescript, December 11, 1995
72 7 C., M., Review of Shame by Salman Rushdie, corrected photocopy of typescript, 1983
72 8 Craven, Peter, Review of The Jaguar Smile by Salman Rushdie, corrected typescript, [1987]
72 9 Fenton, James, "Keeping Up with Salman Rushdie," review of Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Part 3, typescript, February 21, 1991
72 10 Hayes, Suzanne, Review of Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, photocopy of transcript, 1991
72 11 Kaindlstorfer, Gunter, Review of Der Boden Unter Ihren Fuben, typescript, April 1999
72 12 Marcel, Henri, Review of The Moor's Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie [French]
72 13 Ratna, Kalpish, "The Rings of Growth," book review of Step Across This Line by Salman Rushdie, typescript, November 19, 2002
72 14 Schwartz, Leonore, "Salman Rushdie: Mitternachtskinder," transcription of book review broadcast on Westdeutscher Rundfunk
72 15 Sitte, Simone, "India: Mitternachtskinder" von Salman Rushdie, transcription of radio show entitled, "Bücherjournal," January 1984
72 16 Unknown, "Salman Rushdie: Mitternachskinder, Roman, Aus dem Englischen von Karin Graf
72 17 Orban, Olivier, Letter to the editor of Le Monde, February 21, 1995
72 18 Daly, Colin, "Salman Rushdie," poem, typescript, June 22, 1995
72 19 Fane, Derek, "Verses for Salman Rushdie," poem, July 15, 1991
72 20 Gallagher, Tess, "As If He Were Free," for Salman, poem, typescript
72 21 Gupta, Shalini, "So Salman Rushdie Has Come Home at Last…," poem, manuscript
72 22 Reid, Christopher, "The Thing and the Book," poem, typescript, February 15, 1996
72 23 Spencer, Elizabeth, "The Satanic Verses," poem, typescript, April 16, 1993
72 24 Unknown, "To Salman Rushdie - February 3, 1989 - Before the Sentence of Death," typescript
72 25 Yoar, Mehram, "Rushdie: An Unsatanic Verse," poem, autograph manuscript signed
Radio transcripts
72 26 BBC Music and Arts Department, "What is to be Done? 3 Years of the Fatwa," February 14, 1992
72 27 Hessischer Rundfunk, "Salman Rushdie: Osten, Westen," radio show transcription
72 28 Sender Freies Berlin, "Ezrä gegenden Tod, Salman Rushdie: 'Die Mitternachtskinder,' Roman, Piper Verlang, München
72 29 Süddeutscher Rundfunk, "Literature und Kunst," February 29, 1984 [transcription excerpt of radio show discussing Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children]
72 30 Westdeutscher Rundfunk, "Salman Rushdie: Mitternachtskinder," radio show transcription, December 1983, January 1984
72 31 A & E Biography, "Salman Rushdie," television script, November 17, 2004
72 32 Black Audio Film Collective, "The Forest of Things, documentary film proposal about Salman Rushdie affair, March 22, 1994
72 33 British Broadcasting Coorporation, commentaries for Shooting the Writer, a documentary on Tahar Djaout, typescript [Rushdie appeared in film introduction]
72 34 Clark, Brian, Who Killed Salman Rushdie?, play script, typescript, 1989
73 1 Fielding, Helen, Andrew Davies and Richard Curtiss, Bridget Jones's Diary, screenplay, shooting draft, May 8, 2000 [Rushdie had cameo appearance in this film]
73 2 Fielding, Helen, Andrew Davies and Richard Curtiss, Bridget Jones's Diary, screenplay, shooting draft, May 8, 2000; includes revisions dated June 15, 2000 and May 29, 2000; call sheets [Rushdie had cameo appearance in this film]
73 3 Loftager, Jens, Words, film script featuring Salman Rushdie, April 1993
73 4 Sargonas Hav, baserad pa delar av Haroun och Sagornas Hav av Salman Rushdie, play script, August 1993 [Swedish]
73 5 Unknown, Adler's Corner, play script, typescript
73 6 Acker, Kathy, "Opening Speech for the Lahti Writer's Reunion on the Question: Does Literature Come from Good or Evil?" typescript, 1989
73 7 Bigsby, Chris, "Salman Rushdie," Introduction for Rushdie upon receiving honorary degree from University of East Anglia, typescript, June 7, 1999
73 8 Claes, Willy, Belgian Foreign Minister, "March 3 Statement," typescript, [regarding the Fatwa]
73 9 Fuentes, Carlos, Address at the dedication of the High Library, Elizabethtown College, typescript, September 24, 1990
73 10 Gardner, Howard, "Constraints and Opportunities in Life," commencement address at Curry College, typescript, May 17, 1992
73 11 Glendinning, Victoria, speech given at the Booker Prize ceremony, 1992[?]
73 12 Grass, Gunter, remarks about Salman Rushdie, translated by Peter Adam, facsimile copy of typescript, February 14, 1992
73 13 Griffiths, Stephanie, Introduction for Salman Rushdie, International Association of Business Communicators Keynote Address, 2004
73 14 Hogg, Douglas, Excerpt from speech at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, February 3, 1993
73 15 Irving, John, Remarks about Salman Rushdie, for the International Freedom to Publish Committee, typescript, May 3, 1993
73 16 LaRose, John, Address given at the opening of the 8th International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books, typescript, March 16, 1989
73 17 MacArthur, John R., Remarks given at the American Booksellers Association Convention, typescript, June 1, 1991
73 18 Muzrui, Ali A. "Moral Dilemma of Salman Rushdie's Shame," lecture delivered at Cornell University, March 9, 1989
73 19 Nygaard, William, Untitled speech given at University of Tromso, Norway, 1998 [about Rushdie and fatwa]
73 20 Pine, Richard, "Salman Rushdie and Modern Ireland," A lecture for the Irish Writer's Union, typescript, March 8, 1994
73 21 Tadie, Alexis, "Un doctorat honoris causa a M. Salman Rushdie," L'Universite de Paris, typescript, April 17, [2003?]
73 22 Thesen, Sharon, Statement for the Reading for Salman Rushdie, dictated to Gladys Hindmarch, typescript, February 26, 1989
73 23 Unknown, "Salman Rushdie, Doctor of Humane Letters," Amherst College
73 24 Waldman, Anne, Statement before Salman Rushdie appearance, University of Colorado, September 8, 1992
73 25 Adams, Katherine, "Salman Rushdie and the Migrant Experience," Honors thesis, typescript, May 6, 1994
73 26 Chu, Henry H., "Reinvented Self or Reinstated Self?: The Discourse of the Migrant in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children," thesis, typescript, March 1, 1990
74 1 Dhanda, Harbeen, "Pickling the Past: The Revival of a Historical Sense in the Modern Novel - with Particular Reference to Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children," Dissertation, photocopy of typescript, September 1982
74 2 Eggenberger, Seraina, "Magic Realism in Salman Rushdie's Shame," thesis, typescript, May 10, 1994
74 3 Fan, Christopher Tzechung, "Bloodlines: Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children and the Production of the Indian Nation," Honor's Thesis, typescript, April 13, 2001
74 4 Filippi, Alessandra, "Salman Rushdie, l'Uomo della Mezzanotte," Thesis, 1986 [Italian]
74 5 Green, David Antony, "Images Preserved: the Dereliction of Political Responsibility in Gunter Grass's DieBlechtrommel (The Tin Drum) and Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, Ph.D. Dissertation, April 1988 The Tin Drum) and Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, Ph.D. Dissertation, April 1988
75 1 Kaiser, Markus A., "The Satanic Verses and Self-Resonance - Salman Rushdie's Novel and Rupert Shledrake's Hypothesis of Formative Causation," thesis, University of Hanover, photocopy of typescript, 1997
75 2 Langeland, Agnes Scott, "The Emigrant Writes Back: Salman Rushdie's Fictional Reappraisal of India and Pakistan in Midnight's Children and Shame: Content and Technique," thesis, typescript, October 13, 1993 Shame: Content and Technique," thesis, typescript, October 13, 1993
75 3 Newell, Stephanie, "The Other God: Salman Rushdie's New Aesthetic Theory, Practice and Reception," Honours Dissertation, May 1991
75 4 Sharpe, Katherine Gibson, "A Novel History: Society, History, and the Individual in Rushdie's Midnight's Children," thesis, bound typescript, December 2001
75 5 Szwed, Laura Herredo, " 'The Twain do Meet:' An Analysis of Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet," Ph.D. Dissertation, February 5, 2002
75 6 Virgoe, John, "Treatment of Christian and Islamic Themes in the Novels of Salman Rushdie: A Study in Comparative Religion and Literature, Ph.D. Dissertation, April 1991
75 7 Walker, Nargis, "Salman Rushdie: A Migrant Sensibility," thesis, typescript, August 1995
75 8 Rushdie, Salman, "Frenchie, Mais Chic: David Ginola," French translation by Jean Guiloineau, draft
75 9 Rushdie, Salman, Grimus, German translation of selected portion by Edgar Peinelt, typescript, December 2, 1993
75 10 Rushdie, Salman, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Chapter 1, Hindi translation by Kasum
75 11 Rushdie, Salman, "Is Nothing Sacred?," Persian translation by Ahmad Ebrahimi, typescript
75 12 Rushdie, Salman, The Jaguar Smile, Spanish translation by [?], typescript