Subseries 7.1
Salman Rushdie, circa 1960-2006
Boxes 162-165; OP19-24

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains both professionally shot portraits of Rushdie as well as photographs from his public appearances from circa 1960-2006. The subseries begins with images from the Booker McConnell Prize Dinner in 1981, at which Rushdie was honored for Midnight's Children. Also included are photographs from numerous book-signings, a 70th birthday celebration in honor of Günter Grass, the press conference at which Rushdie announced the end of the Fatwa, and various writing festivals, readings, and other public appearances. The photographs detail the wide range of Rushdie's appeal, and include events in London, Paris, Hamburg, Köln, the United States, and additional locations.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by type of photograph, then in chronological order within each type.

Box Folder Content
162 1 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, 1986 [photographer: Raghubir Singh]
162 2 Rushdie, Salman, publicity photograph for The Jaguar Smile, 1987 [photographer: Fay Godwin]
162 3 Rushdie, Salman, photo shoot with Fay Godwin [1987]
162 4 Rushdie, Salman, portrait [circa late 1980s]
162 5 Rushdie, Salman, portraits [circa late 1980s]
162 6 Rushdie, Salman, various portraits [1980s]
162 7 Rushdie, Salman, photo shoot [circa early 1990s]
162 8 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, black and white, 1992 [photographer: Dan Hansson]
162 9 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, color, 1992 [photographer: Dan Hansson]
162 10 Rushdie, Salman, portraits, Paris visit, March 1993 [photographer: M. Pelletier]
OP3 1 Rushdie, Salman, portraits, Paris visit, March 1993 [photographer: M. Pelletier]
162 11 Rushdie, Salman, portraits, 1994 [photographer: William Klein]
OP3 2 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, 1994 [photographer: William Klein]
162 12 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, October 19, 1995 [photographer: Mimsy Moller]
162 13 Rushdie, Salman, New York Times Syndicate column author photographs, 1999 [photographer: Naum Kazhdan]
162 14 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, 1999 [photographer: Debra Hurford Brown]
162 15 Rushdie, Salman, various portraits [circa 1990s]
OP3 3 Rushdie, Salman, portrait, [circa 1990s] [photographer: Biillmann]
162 16 Rushdie, Salman, photo shoot [circa late 1990s]
162 17 Rushdie, Salman, portrait [circa early 2000s]
162 18 Rushdie, Salman, portrait for Boekenweek promotion, March 24, 2001 [photographer: Anton Corbijn]
162 19 Rushdie, Salman, Clarissa Luard, and others, Booker McConnell Prize dinner, London, October 20, 1981
162 20 Rushdie, Salman, and D.J. Enright [circa early 1980s]
162 21 Rushdie, Salman, 1983, [photographer: Brigitte Friedrich]
162 22 Rushdie, Salman, The Jaguar Smile signing event, 1987 [photographer: Mary A. Goodman]
162 23 Rushdie, Salman, book signing, Toronto, Canada, [circa late 1980s] [photographer: Greg Tjepkema]
162 24 Rushdie, Salman, Blake Morrison, Tobias Wolff, Rosie Boycott, and unidentified individual, unidentified literary event [circa early 1990s]
162 25 Rushdie, Salman, and others, "The Sentence is Silence" event [circa early 1990s]
162 26 Rushdie, Salman, book signing for Haroun and the Sea of Stories [1990]
162 27 Rushdie, Salman, panel, Paris, 1991 [photographer: John Foley]
162 28 Rushdie, Salman [reading] Columbia University, 1991 [photographer: Joe Pineiro]
162 29 Rushdie, Salman, and Christopher Bigsby, "Meridian," BBC World Service in English [1992]
162 30 Rushdie, Salman, Gabi Gleichmann, and others, Press conference for Rushdie's receipt of the Swedish PEN's Tucholsky Prize, Stockholm, November 1992 [photographer: Jan Delden]
162 31 Rushdie, Salman, with members of the Swedish Academy, Stockholm, November 1992 [photographer: Weine Lexius]
162 32 Rushdie, Salman, and others, Austrian State Prize for European Literature, Vienna, Austria, 1992
163 1 Rushdie, Salman, and others, meeting of the Universal Academy of Culture and Paris visit, Versailles and Paris, March 1993 [photographer: M. Pelletier]
163 2 Rushdie, Salman, Susan Sontag, Anita Desai, Alan Lightman and others, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Honorary Visiting Professorship of the Humanities Award reception, November 23, 1993 [photographer: Donna Coveney]
163 3 Rushdie, Salman, "Booker of Bookers" [London] September 1993
163 4 Rushdie, Salman, and others, "Salman Rushdie, Aziz Nesin, und Günter Wallraff trafen sich am Rhein!" 1993 [Hamburg]
163 5 Rushdie, Salman, and others, Köln, Germany, 1993
163 6 Rushdie, Salman, Craig Raine, James Fenton, and Julian Barnes, "An Evening of Words and Music," St. Anne's College, Oxford, January 8, 1994
163 7 Rushdie, Salman, and Carmel Bedford, 1994 [photographer: William Klein]
163 8 Rushdie, Salman, and unidentified individual, 1995
163 9 Rushdie, Salman, and others, The River Café Cookbook book party, [1995] [photocopies]
163 10 Rushdie, Salman, in academic regalia, Distinguished Fellow in Literature, University of East Anglia, England, 1995 [photographer: Shutters Photographic Studio]
163 11 Rushdie, Salman, and André Heller, unidentified event, 26 April 1995 [photographer: Robert Newald]
163 12 Rushdie, Salman, and others ["Writers Against the State," Westminster Central Hall, London, 7 September 1995]
163 13 Rushdie, Salman, 1995 [book signing for the German translation of The Moor's Last Sigh]
163 14 Rushdie, Salman, Der Spiegel interview, Hamburg, 1996 [photographer: Monika Zucht]
OP3 4 Rushdie, Salman, Der Spiegel interview, Hamburg, [1996] [photographer: Monika Zucht]
OP3 5 Rushdie, Salman, Stockholm, Sweden visit, March 1996 [photographer: Anette Nantell]
163 15 Rushdie, Salman, Günter Grass, Nadine Gordimer, and others [Günter Grass's 70th Birthday] [Thalia Theatre, Hamburg] 1 January 1997 [photographer: Hermann und Clärchen Baus]
163 16 Rushdie, Salman, and [the French Ambassador to Iran] July 1997
163 17 Rushdie, Salman, Günter Grass, Neils Barfoed, Konrad Gyorgy, and others, Danish PEN event, 1998
163 18 Rushdie, Salman, Francis D'Souza, and Carmel Bedford, Media Conference, Islington, 25 September 1998 [photographer: John Stillwell]
163 19 Rushdie, Salman, The Ground Beneath her Feet book signing, Elliot Bay Book Store, Seattle, Washington, 1999
163 20 Rushdie, Salman, Job Cohen [mayor of Amsterdam], and Mizzi Van Der Plujim, 1999, [The Ground Beneath her Feet launch party]
163 21 Rushdie, Salman, and others, photo shoot [circa late 1990s]
163 22 Rushdie, Salman, reading [circa late 1990s] [photographer: Reinhard Werner]
163 23 Rushdie, Salman [radio interview with RTL] [circa late 1990s]
163 24 Rushdie, Salman, and others, "Vintage Paperbacks Celebrating Ten Glorious Years," [circa early 2000s]
163 25 Rushdie, Salman, and Padma Lakshmi, unidentified event [circa early 2000s]
OP3 6 Rushdie, Salman, and Padma Lakshmi, unidentified event, circa early 2000s [photographer: Richard Young]
163 26 Rushdie, Salman, unidentified French television show interview [circa early 2000s]
163 27 Rushdie, Salman, Padma Lakshmi, and others, unidentified event, Amsterdam, 2000 [photographer: Ronald Heoben]
163 28 Rushdie, Salman, press conference, Fnac bookstore, Paris [2000]
164 1 Rushdie, Salman, and others, "Doctorats Honoris Causa," Universite de Liege, 2000 [Presented "In the name of Freedom of Speech and by Solidarity for his predicament as an individual threatened by Islamic Fundamentalism]
164 2 Rushdie, Salman, and Faye Dunaway, Telluride Film Festival, [2001]
164 3 Rushdie, Salman, Boekenweek, March 2001
164 4 Rushdie, Salman, Prague Writer's Festival, Prague, April 2001 [photographer: Rossano B. Maniscalchi] [originally filed in Series 4: Correspondence, General correspondence, 2001 January-June]
164 5 Rushdie, Salman, and others, Prague Writers' Festival, Prague, April 2001 [photographer: Jakub Kase]
164 6 Rushdie, Salman and Manju Jaidka, book signing, February 17, 2003 [originally filed in Series 4: Correspondence, General correspondence, 2003 January-February]
164 7 "Docteur Honoris Causa," Université Paris 7 - Denis Diderot, 3 April 2003 [conferred in absentia?]
164 8 Rushdie, Salman, Louise Leakey, Story Musgrave, and Julie Taymor, Connecticut Forum, Hartford, Connecticut, November 7, 2003 [moderated by Leonard Lopate]
164 9 Rushdie, Salman, reading, 2003 [photographer: J. Levy]
164 10 Rushdie, Salman, Joel Conarroe, members of the Davidson English Department, "Joel Conarroe Lectureship," Davidson, North Carolina, 1 February 2005
164 11 Rushdie, Salman, Padma Lakshmi, and others, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund Gala, 7 February 2005 [photographers: Wozzy Dias and Corky Lee]
164 12 Rushdie, Salman, reading [circa 2006]
Personal snapshots (Salman Rushdie)
164 13 Rushdie, Salman [circa late 1960s]
164 14 Rushdie, Salman, various snapshots [circa early 1980s]
164 15 Rushdie, Salman, various snapshots [circa late 1980s]
164 16 Rushdie, Salman, various snapshots [circa 1990s]
Personal snapshots (Salman Rushdie with others)
165 1 Rushdie, Salman, and Satyajit Ray, [1982 or 1983]
165 2 Rushdie, Salman and John Barth, unidentified trip, January 1985
165 3 Rushdie, Salman, and others, Nicaragua, 1986
165 3a Rushdie, Salman, and unidentified others, Nicaragua, 1986 [photographer: Lo Porto / Nueva Imagen]
165 4 Rushdie, Salman, and Carmen Cahill, "Liz's birthday," February 1987
165 5 Rushdie, Salman, Paul Sibley, [Bev Perrin], and others, Wales, March 1989
165 6 Rushdie, Salman, Germaine Greer, and Ryszard Kapuscinski, dinner party [circa late 1980s]
165 7 Rushdie, Salman, and Jessica Mitford, holding baby, dinner party [circa early 1990s]
165 8 Rushdie, Salman and Michael Krasny, [circa early 1990s] [originally filed in Series 4: Correspondence, General correspondence, circa 2003]
165 9 Rushdie, Salman, and Michel Rocard, [circa early 1990s]
165 10 Rushdie, Salman, and Paul Simon, [circa early 1990s]
165 11 Rushdie, Salman, and unidentified others, England [circa early 1990s]
165 12 Rushdie, Salman, Ian McEwan, Tess Gallagher, and others, [circa 1990s]
165 13 Rushdie, Salman, and Rodney Hall, walking on beach [circa 1990s]
165 14 Rushdie, Salman, and Sonny Mehta [circa 1990s]
165 15 Rushdie, Salman, and Graham Greene, dinner party [circa late 1990s]
165 16 Rushdie, Salman, and Naomi Campbell [circa late 1990s]
165 17 Rushdie, Salman, and unidentified individuals, various, undated
165 18 Rushdie, Salman, and unidentified individual, [circa late 1990s]
165 19 Rushdie, Salman, and Bhuper Khakher, with Khakher's portrait of Rushdie, now in the National Portrait Gallery, 1995
165 20 Rushdie, Salman, Paul McGuinness, and Daniel Lanois, 1999
165 21 Rushdie, Salman, Sonny Mehta, and others, plane trip [circa late 1990s]
165 22 Rushdie, Salman, Susan Sontag, Annie Leibovitz, and others, beach party [circa late 1990s]
165 23 Rushdie, Salman, William Nygaard and others, Norway trip [circa late 1990s]
165 24 Rushdie, Salman, and others [Germany] [circa late 1990s]
165 25 Rushdie, Salman, and Philippa Walker, amusement park [circa early 2000s]
165 26 Rushdie, Salman, and others, Key West, Florida, [circa early 2000s]
165 27 Rushdie, Salman, and Mariella Frostrup [circa early 2000s]