Series 9
Memorabilia, 1982-1999
Boxes 207-210; OP3; XOP1

Scope and Content Note

The series contains a variety of artifacts that were given to or collected by Rushdie. The materials include artwork depicting Rushdie and illustrations relating to his works, publicity materials such as buttons and a puzzle, as well as personal items such as his eyeglasses and watch. Of particular note is the case in which he stored the manuscript of Midnight's Children.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by record type.

Box Folder Content
210 Alarm box
207 1 Artwork, Charles Fred Baer, pen and ink portrait of Rushdie, 1996
207 2 Artwork, Guy Carter, ink caricature of Rushdie, 29 June 1995
207 3 Artwork, Jack Ellison, pen and ink portrait of Rushdie, 1989
XOP1 - Artwork, Claude Ferrand, portrait of Rushdie, 1999
OP3 15 Artwork, Manya Marais, Midnight's Children, undated
OP3 16 Artwork, Stephen Player, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, 1990 and undated
207 4 Artwork, Stephen Player, The Shadow Warrior, September 1990
207 5 Artwork, Raganath, Profile, 1982-1983 and ink cartoon of Rushdie, 1984
OP3 17 Artwork, [Salman Rushdie], sketch pad containing self-portraits and drawings of the covers of Midnight's Children and Shame, undated Shame, undated
207 6 Artwork, unknown artist, East, West, undated
207 7 Artwork, unknown artist, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, ink, 1994
OP3 18 Artwork, unknown artist, "S" and "R," undated
207 8 Artwork, unknown artist, The Satanic Verses, ink and watercolor
207 9 Artwork, unknown artist, watercolors of Haroun and the Sea of Stories characters, 1995 [photocopies]
207 10 Banner, for Rushdie's birthday, signed by Sameen Rushdie, Marianne Wiggins and others
207 11 Banner, The Ground Beneath Her Feet [cloth]
210 Book mock-up, Midnight's Children [signed by friends]
207 12 Buttons, "I am Salman Rushdie"
207 13 Buttons and postcard, "1,000 Days" [3]
210 Case [originally contained Midnight's Children typescript - doodles by Rushdie appear on outside]
207 14 Eye glasses [2 pair]
208 1 Eye glasses with case
208 2 Honorary university materials
208 3 Linen marking kit [initials "SR"]
208 4 Necklace, ["Salman" written on grain of rice inside a liquid filled glass bulb]
208 5 Puzzle, Mitternachts Kinder
209 1 Record, "Love and Shadow," by Thea Derks, 1989
209 2 "Self-censorship kit," distributed by Index on Censorship
209 3 Tarot cards
209 4 Watch