Series 5
Department of Chapters and Affiliates records, 1956-2003
Boxes 281 - 322

Historical Note

The Department of Chapters and Affiliates, originally called the Department of Affiliates, coordinated the activities of chapters and affiliates, which served as the links between the national SCLC and local communities. Over the life of SCLC, many individuals served as director of the department, including C.T. Vivian (circa 1963-1965); Herbert V. Coulton (circa 1965-1967); T.Y. Rogers (1967-1971); Calvin Morris (circa 1972-1973); Fred Taylor (1973-1984); E. Randel T. Osburn (1984-1990s); and Brenda Davenport (early 2000s). Beginning in the early 1960s, local organizations (such as churches and civic clubs) whose basic purposes were compatible with those of SCLC could affiliate with the national SCLC by paying a yearly membership fee. Over time SCLC also formed local chapters, which were regulated by the national organization and were responsible to the Board of Directors. Many states also had a state unit of SCLC that was responsible for coordinating activities within the state. In the 1960s, SCLC accepted members only via chapters and affiliates; in 1970 this policy changed to allow individual memberships.

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of the records of the Department of Chapters and Affiliates from 1956-2003, including office files and chapter files. The office files contain administrative and subject files relating to the management of the department. They document the relationships between SCLC and the department, and SCLC and individual members. Chapter files include materials relating to each chapter of SCLC, and include records documenting their local activities and interactions with the national office.

Arrangement Note

Organized into two subseries: (5.1) Department of Chapters and Affiliates office files and (5.2) Chapter files.

Description of Subseries