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Subseries 3.4
Box 46

Box Folder Content
46 1 "Blodewedd," TSS
46 2 "Dun," TSS [Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill's "Dun"]
46 3 "Father," TS [Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill]
46 4 "If I Were to Die Out There," TS [Apollinaire's "Si Je Mourrais La-bas"]
46 5 "The Lady from Aragon," TS [Joan-Manuel Serrat's "La Dama d'Arago"]
- - "Les Poetes," TS [Louis Aragon] [See Subseries 3.4, Translations, "If I Were to Die Out There"]
46 6 "Listening in the Morning," TSS [Bert Voeten's "Luisteren in de Ochtend"]
- - "The Nightingale," TS [Joan-Manuel Serrat's "El Rossinyol"] [See Subseries 3.4, Translations, "The Lady from Aragon]
46 7 "Our Castles are Ruins or Hotels," TS [Nuala Ní Dhomahnaill]
- - "Song of the Thief," TS [Joan-Manuel Serrat's "La Caco del Lladre"] [See Subseries 3.4, Translations, "The Lady from Aragon]
46 8 "The Sun on My Hand," TSS [Bert Voeten's "De Zon Op Mijn Hand"]
46 9 "Together Again," TSS [Vroomkoning's "Hereniging"]
46 10 "The Yellow Bittern," TSS