STEWART, JACK, 1926-2005.
Jack Stewart papers, 1926-2015

Emory University

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Stewart, Jack, 1926-2005.
Title: Jack Stewart papers, 1926-2015
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 1445
Extent: 22.375 linear feet (23 boxes), 28 oversized papers folders (OP), 2 extra-oversized papers folders (XOP), and 588.9 MB born digital material (11 files)
Abstract:Papers of American artist and photographer Jack Stewart including photographs and slides of graffiti, drawings, and paintings from 1926-2015.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Special restrictions apply: Collection stored off-site. Researchers must contact the Rose Library in advance for access to this collection.

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Special restrictions apply: The use of personal cameras is prohibited for prints and slides of graffiti.

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Separated Material

The Rose Library also holds books and periodicals formerly owned by Jack Stewart. These materials may be located in Emory University's online catalog by searching for: Stewart, Jack, former owner.


Gift and purchase from Regina Stewart, 2017

Custodial History

Regina Stewart is the widow of Jack Stewart. Stewart packed the materials at her home in New York and shipped them to the Rose Library.


[after identification of item(s)], Jack Stewart papers, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University.

Appraisal Note

Curator of Modern Political and Historical Collections Randy Gue acquired the collection as part of the Rose Library's holdings in contemporary photography.


Arranged and described at the collection level by Meaghan O'Riordan, October 2018. Original titles of artwork supplied by Stewart are retained and are represented with quotation marks.

Born digital materials processed, arranged, and described by Brenna Edwards and Zhexiong Liu, 2019-2020. Born digital materials include files taken from three optical discs. Forensic disk images were created from the optical discs using GuyMager. Individual files were extracted using FTK Imager and scanned for viruses using McAfee’s anti-virus software; none were found. Duplicate and system files have been removed, and files were scanned for personally identifiable information; none were found. Access copies retain original file names.

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Collection Description

Biographical Note

Jack Stewart (1926-2005) was an American artist and photographer born in Atlanta, Georgia. He began private art lessons at the age of seven and took classes at the High Museum of Art (Atlanta) starting at the age of nine. At the age of 14, he was an apprentice to sculptor and painter Steffen Thomas. He graduated from Atlanta Boys High in 1944. During World War II he served under the former Third United States Army under General George as a combat infantryman and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut) in 1951, where he studied with Josef Albers and Willem de Kooning. From 1951-1953, he studied architecture at Columbia University (New York, New York).

Stewart moved to New York City in 1949 and had his first solo exhibit in 1950 at the George Binet Gallery (New York, New York). During the 1950s he showed with Charles Egan, Joseph Grippi, and Richard Waddell. During this time, he also founded the Stewart-Marean Gallery and the Stewart Studio, which was established for the design and execution of his commissioned mosaic furnishings and murals. Stewart also began receiving mural commissions at this time.

Later, Stewart developed an interest in New York City’s graffiti culture, which he pursued through graduate study at New York University (New York) where he earned a Master's of Art in 1975 and a Doctorate of Philosophy in 1989. Stewart photographed the New York City subway graffiti movement that began in the early 1970s. His definitive work on the subject is Graffiti Kings: New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970s (published posthumously in 2009). This publication stemmed from his Ph.D. thesis, Mass Transit Art Subway Graffiti.

Stewart taught for nearly thirty years in the fields of art and architecture at several places of higher education in New York City. In 1976, he was appointed Vice President and Provost of the Rhode Island School of Design (Providence).

Stewart was active in several professional organizations, including serving as Secretary (1986-1987) and President (1987-1989) of New York Artists Equity Association; President of the National Society of Mural Painters (1996-200); member of the advisory board of the Steffen Thomas Museum and Archives in Atlanta, Georgia (1997-2000s); and President of the Fine Arts Federation of New York (2003-2004).

Jack Stewart and Margot Schwarzhaupt were married in 1947, and they had one son, Brandon. Both Schwarzhaupt and son Brandon are deceased. Stewart married painter and art administrator Regina Serniak Stewart in 1976. Jack Stewart died in New York City in 2005.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the papers of Jack Stewart from 1926-2015 and primarily contains photographs and slides of graffiti, drawings, and paintings. The majority of the drawings and paintings are portraits, nudes, and landscapes. Drawings are done in pencil or charcoal and paintings with acrylics or watercolors. There are also some graffiti objects, including a rock, a mailbox, and a model subway car. Personal papers in the collection include correspondence, personal photographs, and printed material. There are also photographs and slides of artwork. There are also some graffiti objects, including a rock, a mailbox, and a model subway car. Born digital materials inlcude a video file and numerous audio files. Stewart was lefthanded and often wrote backwards, which he referred to as mirror writing; this can be seen on a number of the items in the collection.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type.

Finding Aid Note

There are three inventories of the collection prepared by Regina Stewart and available upon request.

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Container List

Box Folder Content
RRL Access copies of processed born digital material [Reading room access ONLY]
XOP1 - Architectural drawings, plans and sketches of Beverly Hilton mural, undated [RESTRICTED]
OP28 - Architectural drawings, Stember Office Building, Connecticut, undated [RESTRICTED]
OP28 - Architectural drawings, renovation of 16 Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, undated [RESTRICTED]
OP28 - Architectural drawings, temporary studios for the Cooper Union Department of Painting, 1972 [RESTRICTED]
1 - Correspondence, drawings, paintings, personal papers, and printed material, 1936-1998
2 - Correspondence and printed material, 1976-2015
3 - Correspondence, personal photographs, photographs of artwork, printed material, and slides of artwork, 1973-2004
4 - Drawings, notebooks, printed material, and slides of artwork, 1958-1999
5 - Drawings, personal photographs, printed material, and slides of artwork, 1926-2000
6 - Drawings and paintings, 1937-1973
7 - Drawings, paintings, and printed material, 1937-2002
8 - Drawings and paintings, 1951-1996
9 - Drawings and paintings, 1951-1998
10 - Drawings and paintings, 1952-1980
11 - Drawings and paintings, 1959-2001
12 - Drawings and paintings, 1962-1991
OP1 - Drawings, untitled [includes nudes and portraits], 1946-1949 [1 of 2]
OP2 - Drawings, untitled [includes nudes and portraits], 1946-1949 [2 of 2]
OP3 - Drawing, untitled [nude women], 1948 September
OP4 - Drawing, "A Writer's Retreat," architectural drawing, 1951 October 22
13 - Drawings, 1986-1989
OP5 - Drawing, untitled [hands and feet], undated
OP6 - Drawing, untitled [nude man], undated
14 - Elephant prints for New York University photography project, The Blind Men and the Elephant, 1977
15 - Etched copper printing plates, undated
8 - Graffiti Kings printed material, 2008
12 - Graffiti Kings printed material and t-shirt, 2008
16 - Graffiti mailbox, undated
17 - Graffiti model subway car, undated
18 - Graffiti negatives, photographs, and slides, 1969-2003
OP23 - Graffiti photograph, "Blade I, Bang, Bang, Bang, Magnum Force," by Steve Ogburn, 1977
OP7 - Graffiti photograph, "The Dooms Day" double whole car piece by Lee, 1976
OP8 - Graffiti photograph, "Early Tags and Pieces on Red Car," by Michele 62, Barbara 62, Eva 62, Yaz 37, and FDT 56, 1971
OP7 - Graffiti photograph, "Halloween" piece by Blade I, 1975
OP8 - Graffiti photograph, "Hang Nixon" by Mico (Jaime Ramirez), 1974
OP9 - Graffiti photograph, "Hulk 170," 1971
OP7 - Graffiti photograph, "The Merry Christmas to New York Train" part of a ten car whole train decoration by Lee, 1977
OP24 - Graffiti photograph, "Riff, Stick Man," by Riff I, 1973
OP10 - Graffiti photograph, "Scooter, an Early Brooklyn Writer," 1972
OP11 - Graffiti photograph, "Slim I, an Early Brooklyn Writer," 1972
OP25 - Graffiti photographs, some labeled on the back, 1972-1973
OP9 - Graffiti photograph, "Spin Tag," 1972
OP8 - Graffiti photograph, "Super Kool 223," 1972
OP8 - Graffiti photograph, "Super Kool 223 Radiating Masterpiece" by Super Kool 223, 1972
OP26 - Graffiti photograph, "Super Kool Express 223," 1973
OP27 - Graffiti photograph, "Tag Wall, Downtown Bronx, Park East Station," 1972
OP12 - Graffiti photograph, "Tracy 168 Flame Cloud Piece" by Michael Tracy,1973
OP13 - Graffiti photograph, "Tracy 168 (on red car)," by Michael Tracy, 1972
OP10 - Graffiti photograph, untitled ["Hitler"], 1972
OP14 - Graffiti photographs, untitled, circa 1972
19 - Graffiti rock, undated
20 - Graffiti slides, 1970-1978
21 - Linoleum printing block with sheep image, undated
22 - "MTA: Mass Transit Art," volumes 1 and 2, 1989
OP15 - Painting, "Breakers and Jetty II," #26, undated
OP16 - Painting, "Fog on the Tappan Zee Bridge," #46, 1997
OP17 - Painting, "Forest I," #92, 1951
OP18 - Painting, "Palisades at Sunset," #90, 1997
OP19 - Painting, "Phantoms on the Beach," #27, 2002
XOP1 - Painting, "September Breakers," 2003
OP20 - Painting, "Strike," mural for the façade of a bowling alley, 1960 April 15
OP21 - Painting, "Study for the Brain Painting," #91, undated
XOP2 - Painting, untitled [landscape], undated
OP22 - Photograph, "Jack and Regina Wedding, The City of New York, Office of City Clerk, Municipal Building, Manhatten" by Roxanne Giovanni, 1976 December 10
OP28 - Poster, exhibition, "Mostra di pittura e disegno di Jack Stewart e Regina Serniak," Sals Serpieri del Collegio Raffaello, Urbino, Italy, 1973 [RESTRICTED]
22 - Printed material, 1973-2004
21 - Scroll address book, undated
14 - Sketches, 1961
23 - Soap carvings, undate