Series 2
Diaries, 1845-1849
Box 2

Scope and Content Note

This series contains diaries or copies of diaries that William Henry Stiles and his wife, Eliza, kept during the years they spent in Austria. W. H. Stiles sometimes reported on places he had visited and persons he had seen. He recorded in some detail his observations concerning European politics of the period. He was particularly interested in the revolutionary events of 1848 and 1849. [See also his diplomatic dispatches in Series 1 and Series 6, as well as his articles about Austria in Series 3.]

Eliza Mackay Stiles paid great attention to political and diplomatic events in her diaries. She included items about family members and about the daily activities of her husband and children, but for the most part she focused on less personal affairs. The collection holds an original of only one of the four volumes she kept for the period April 1848 to October 1849; of the others, only typed copies are available.

At the end of the series is a fragment of an unidentified Civil War soldier's wartime diary dated August 1863.

William Henry Stiles diaries
Box Folder Content
2 1 "Private Diary," 1845 August 2-1846 January 28
2 2 "Private Diary," 1846 April 1-May 18
2 3 "Private Diary," August 1-1847 September 28
2 4 "Private Diary," 1848 and undated
2 5 Annotation of "Private Diary"
E.A. Stiles [Eliza Mackay Stiles]
2 6 1848 April 11-July 5, typescript [2 copies]
2 7 1848 August 22-1849 January 21
2 8 1848 August 22-1849 January 21[handwritten copy]
2 9 1849 January 22-July 15, typescript [2 copies]
2 10 1849 July 24-October 19, typescript [2 copies]
2 11 Unidentified fragment, 1863 August