Series 3
Nature sketches
Box 4 (folders 1-7)

Box Folder Content
4 1 "In the Cradle of the Wind," 35 p., incomplete.
4 2 "A Kingfisher at Work"
4 3 "Some Shrike-Notes," 56 p.
4 4 "Some Song Birds of Indiana," 20 p.
4 5 Unnamed. Bird-visiting in N. C. hills, 25 p.
4 6 Toxophilus in Arcadia. A collection of wild-life stories assembled for publication: I. A Literary Knapsack, pp. 1-15. II. Camping in a Mill, pp. 1-42, typescript. III. Some Days with the Log-Cocks, pp. 59-84. IV. An Archer on the Kankakee, pp. 764-772. V. A Morning Shot on the Rigolets, pp. 85-101. VI. In the Okefinoke, pp. 102-107. VII. A King of the Brambles, pp. 108-122. VIII. In the Cherokee Hills, pp. 123-130. IX. In the Terre aux Boeufs, pp. 131-147. X. Some Shrike Notes, pp. 148-162. XI. Grouse Shooting on the Ausable, and other Notes, pp. 163-178. XII. Bragget and Bird-Bolts, pp. 179-186. [Numbers XIII and XIV, "On the Okeechobee" and "Where the Mockingbird Sings", listed in the Table of Contents, are missing for this group of collected manuscripts and clippings.] XV. An Afternoon Outing, pp. 261-270. XVI. Unnamed. Hunting with bow and arrow on a bicycle, pp. 271-319. [Eight of the stories, numbers I, IV-X, and XII, are in the form of printed clippings.]
4 7 Fragments of Nature Sketches: (1) "An Archer's Outing," 11 p.; (2) "Where the Mockingbird Sings," pp. 190-192; (3) reptile--the turtle's egg, pp. 32, 38; (4) Will and I, p. 6; and (5) Whitemarsh Island, 1 p.