Series 3
Writings by others, 1997-2012
Boxes 19 - 20

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of writings by others from 1997-2012 and includes writings about Natasha Trethewey and writings by others collected by Trethewey. Writings about Trethewey include scholarly works such as student essays and dissertations, speaker notes and interviews. Writings by others that Trethewey collected consist primarily of draft manuscripts and poetry, most notably two inscribed manuscripts, Abide and Interference, by the poet Jake Adam York. Some writings include correspondence from the authors and annotations by Trethewey.

Writings by others can also be found in Born digital materials (Series 7).

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Box Folder Content
19 1 Albergotti, Dan, "Roll Call at the River," draft manuscript, December 9, 2002
19 2 Balke, Susanne, "Race, Place, and HistoryThe South in Natasha Trethewey's Poetry," dissertation, Potsdam University, 2009 [inscribed by author to Trethewey]
19 3 Brewer, Talbot, introduction of Grace Hale and Deborah McDowell,, Page-Barbour and Richard Lectures Series, University of Virginia, 2007
19 4 Eagle, Audra, "A Place Like Newberry: Florida Photography and Poems in Black and White," John Hope Franklin Student Documentary Award submission, Duke University, August 30, 2007
19 5 Emerson, Claudia, "Secure the Shadow," draft manuscript, no date
19 6 Hanlon, Chris, "Mulvey: The Male Gaze and Related Matters," review essay, April 1997
19 7 Jeffers, Honorée Fanonne, "Outlandish Blues," draft manuscript, 2001
19 8 Joyner, Charles, "Commentary on Natasha Trethewey," no date
19 9 Kennedy, Terry L., "What it Costs Travelers," draft manuscript, no date [variant title: "New River Breakdown"]
19 10 Komunyakaa, Yusef, "White Lady," poem, 2005 [with annotations by Trethewey]
19 11 Martin, ?, "Reclaiming my 'work'," draft chapters, 2001
19 12 McEwan, Karin, untitled poem, no date
19 13 McKee, Marc, "Natasha Trethewey Interview," May 2010 [includes annotations and correspondence]
19 14 Meyers-Ohki, Ali, "Assembly," booklet of poems, 2009
19 15 Norman, Howard, "I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place," draft chapter, June 11, 2011 [includes correspondence]
19 16 Parker-Blier, Abigail, essays, November 5, 2012 [includes correspondence]
19 17 Pourciau, Megan, booklet of poems, 1999
19 18 Robinson, A. Rich, "Reunion: A Memoir (on Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality)," draft manuscript, circa 2011
19 19 Rodeman, Juliet, "Tropics of Petticoats" manuscript, April 15, 2010
19 20 Straight, Steve, Introduction to Literature student writings about Trethewey's poetry, Manchester Community College, Connecticut, Fall 2000
19 21 Teresi, Christian, "An Interview with Natasha Trethewey," final proof for The Writer's Chronicle, September 2011
20 1 Unknown author, introduction to Natasha Trethewey, Huntingdon College , Rhoda Ellison Lecture Series, November 2, 2006
20 2 Unknown author, introduction of Natasha Trethewey, unknown event, no date
20 3 Unknown author, introduction of Natasha Trethewey, Writers in the Gallery Reading Series, University of West Florida, January 2007
20 4 Unknown author, "Murder at the Villa," drafts, research and work plan, circa 2004 [includes description of character inspired by Trethewey]
20 5 Unknown author, "Natasha's Offering," poem, Hollins University, March 27, 2008
20 6 Unknown author, "Shinyo," poem, no date
20 7 Williams, Sue S., poetry, February 2, 2011 [includes correspondence]
20 8 Walton, Anthony, Mississippi, book proposal, no date
20 9 York, Jake Adam, "Abide," draft manuscript, circa 2012
20 10 York, Jake Adam, "Interference," draft manuscript, circa 2002