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Series 4
Case files and opinions, 1957-1994
Boxes 37-91 and 95-96

Scope and Content Note

This series primarily includes files named for cases resulting in opinions by Judge Tuttle from 1957-1994. Files named for judges or groups of judges are also present when their contents relate directly to the decision of law cases and the authoring of opinions.

While the series includes part of an alphabetical grouping from the 1957-1958 term, most of the remaining case files from the early years of Tuttle’s judicial career are absent. A number of important civil rights related cases from the early 1960s are represented, but regular case file records do not appear until the 1965-1966 term. The docket-books (Series 2) cover more routine work through these years.

Files are organized by term of court, and arranged alphabetically within terms, leaving folders pertaining to lengthy litigation within the alphabetical series. Dates listed for each case represent the year or range of years the various materials within the folder (briefs, memos, correspondence) are dated. Miscellaneous materials and files of multiple opinions are located at the beginning of each term. For many terms, there are also files named for the other circuit judges of Tuttle’s home court. These contain mainly drafts, working texts, and correspondence related to decisions, and often appear to correspond to cases where the named judge wrote for a three judge panel that included Tuttle. These files also are placed before the case named files for each term.

The original order of the materials has been maintained with minor alterations including the slight alphabetic rearrangement and the interfiling of many cases from outside the 5th Circuit for the years after 1965. Also integrated into alphabetical sequences within the terms are materials from the various circuit courts with which Tuttle sat by special designation following his move to Senior Status in June 1968. Tuttle’s work as special master in Arizona v. California, a case under the United States Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction, is located at the beginning of the materials for the 1981-1982 term to correspond with the date of Tuttle’s main report as special master.

During several terms (May 1994-January 1991), files of bench memos were kept together by the week in which they were written rather than as a part of case files. No attempt was made to identify all the memos and place them with the relevant case.

Arrangement Note

Organized into two subseries: (4.1) Case files and opinions and (4.2) Bench memos.

Description of Subseries