Series 6
Other organizations, 1921-1989
Box 23-24; OP 4-8

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of records and printed materials created by other organizations from 1921-1989 that were collected by or sent to the UNIA. The materials include printed matter such as broadsides, brochures, and programs; minutes, resolutions, and other records. Many of the organizations represented here relate to Marcus Garvey, Black Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and the Back-to-Africa movement.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
23 1 "Abraham Lincoln on the Question of Negro Colonization and Acts of the Congress Authorizing him to Institute his Negro Colonization Program," brochure (distributed by Earnest Sevier Cox, Richmond, Virginia)
23 2 African American Repatriation Association, agenda, 1969
23 3 African Continental Art and Cultural Centre (New York, New York), African Voluntary Air Concert, broadside, September 14, 1957
23 4 The African-Liberation Heritage Association (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), tickets to "What is Your African Heritage," August 22, 1969
OP4 African Jazz-Art Society & Studios (Harlem, New York), "Naturally '70 - The Original African Coiffure, Fashion & Culture Affair Designed to Restore our Racial Pride & Standards," event poster, December 13, 1970
23 5 African National Congress (Northern Rhodesia), agenda, December 8-12, 1957
23 6 African Nationalist Activist Movement (New York, New York), broadside for Garvey Day Eve Festival, August 16, 1970
23 7 African Nationalist Federated Council (New York, New York), broadside for mass rally, September 14, 1963
23 8 African Nationalist Federated Council, (New York, New York), press releases
23 9 African Nationalist Pioneer Movement (Harlem, New York, New York), broadside for Garvey Day Celebration, 1966, 1972, 1975
23 10 African Nationalist Union, aims and objectives, no date
23 11 African Nationals in America, flyer, no date
23 12 African Studies Association of the West Indies, 1972
23 13 The African Reconstruction Association (New York, New York, New York), membership bank, no date
23 14 Afro-American Advancement Society (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), brochure, no date
23 15 Afro-American Commission to the Republic of Liberia, charter, no date
23 16 Afro-American Institute and Federated Fireside Groups, records, 1938
23 17 Afro-American Society, "Who is Who Know Why," no date
OP5 Afro-West Indian Welfare League, "Back to Africa Memorandum & Petition, Submitted to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Parliament of the British Commonwealth of Nations," broadside, April 14, 1961
23 18 All-African People's Revolutionary Party, ideology, no date
23 19 All African Women's Conference, flyer announcing a send off party for Queen Mother Moore, July 14, 1972
23 20 American Colonization Society (Washington, D.C.), brochure, no date
23 21 American Committee to Keep Biafra Alive (New York, New York), flyers, circa 1968
23 22 American Foundation for Negro Affairs, officers, no date
23 23 Ancient Order of Sphinx of the World (Detroit, Michigan), various, no date
23 24 Arusha-Konakri Institute (Chicago, Illinois), flyer, 1972
23 25 Back to Africa Movement, broadside for Dr. Lewis Henri Micheaux's lectures at Harlem Square, no date
23 26 Bell, William K., 15 Million Negroes and 15 Billion Dollars, book advertisement
23 27 Bishop Lewis, "God's Great Mystery Man from New Orleans, La.," broadside for appearance in Philadelphia, no date
23 28 Black Star Line, Inc., receipt book [blank]
23 29 Black Star Line, Inc., stock certificate, 1921
23 30 Booker T. Washington Trade Association, 9th Annual Exhibit and Show (Detroit, Michigan), ticket, no date
23 31 Chester, A. Chester, Secretary-Treasurer, Home and Foreign Missionary Department of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
23 32 Conference in Support of African Liberation, Proposal for Kenya Aid Program, Friendship Baptist Church (New York, New York), April 24, 1954
23 33 Conference on the Participation of the Negro in National Defense, Hampton Institute, Report of the Committee on Findings for Military and Navel Defense, November 25-26, 1940
23 34 Cronon, E. David, Black Moses, book advertisement
23 35 Davis, S. A., "Author and interpreter of Biblical predictions as they apply to the black and white race," various printed, no date
23 36 Davis, William, funeral program, Four Mile Baptist Church (New Ellenton, South Carolina), 1989
23 37 Detroit Civic Rights Committee, open letter to Councilmen of the City of Detroit, July 19, 1935
23 38 Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church (Mutchmore Memorial) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), broadside for fashion show, March 14, 1959
23 39 Friends for Independence of Namibia, flyer, no date
23 40 Garvey Club (New York, New York), records, 1938, 1946
23 41 Garvey International Library and Educational Institution (New York, New York), broadside to grand opening, August 16, 1959
23 42 Garvey Memorial Foundation (Detroit, Michigan), minutes, March 4-5, 1978
23 43 George VI Memorial Park (Kingston, Jamaica), programme for unveiling of Marcus Garvey bust, November 4, 1956
23 44 Ghana, various brochures
23 45 Ghana Independence Day, Parking passes, March 1957
23 46 Ghana Students Association of the USA and Canada, reception program, July 29, 1958
23 47 Greater Detroit Youth Assembly, Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 15, 1941
23 48 House of Knowledge (Chicago, Illinois), advertising cards, no date
23 49 Institute of Black Nationalists, flyer, 1972
OP6 International African Students Aid Association, program, July 18, 1923
23 50 International Committee on African Affairs (New York, New York), brochure, no date
23 51 International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association, brochure, no date
23 52 The Jolly Handicap Club (Detroit, Michigan), raffle ticket, November 20, 1954
23 53 Kongo University Committee of One Hundred, invitation, July 1, 1960
23 54 Liberty Building and Trading Company, stock certificate, 1927-1928
23 55 Marcus Garvey Memorial Educational Foundation (Brooklyn, New York), brochure, no date
23 56 Marcus Garvey Elementary School (Chicago, Illinois), dedication program, October 4, 1974
23 57 Marcus Garvey School for African Education: Instructor's Guide, no date
23 58 Maryland Petition Committee, MPC Bulletin, January 1957
23 59 Michigan Committee for Academic Freedom, "Without Fear or Favor: The Case of the Michigan Students," September 1940
23 60 The National Christian Liberty Front of America (Washington, D.C.), brochure, "The Coming Liberation of America," no date
23 61 National Institute for Negro Advancement, Constitution, no date
23 62 National Negro Alliance, Constitution and Bylaws
23 63 National Negro Congress, various, circa 1945
23 64 National Negro Labor Council (Detroit, Michigan), brochure, "Therefore, be it end discrimination in the railroad industry," 1953
23 65 National Negro Scholarship Plan, flyer, no date [Melvin Allen, organizer-director]
23 66 "Negro Masses Lack Government," broadside, no date
23 67 Negro Nationalist Society of America, brochure, no date
23 68 Negro Protective Association (Cincinnati, Ohio), broadside for mass meeting re Emmett Till, November 13, 1955
23 69 Negro Protective Association (Cincinnati, Ohio), membership card
23 70 Nigerian Students Union, ANAM and African Jazz-Art Society & Studios (Harlem, New York), broadside for Black Solidarity Festival, March 28, 1970
24 1 Philadelphia Fellowship Commission, flyer, no date
24 2 Prince Hall Masonic Temple (Detroit, Michigan), Breakfast Dance, advertising card, June 4, 1955
24 3 Republican National Committee, "Where Lies the Real Danger to Our Freedom and Liberties," by Emmett J. Scott, press release, June 12, 1941
24 4 Self Determination Committee (Los Angeles, California), flyers, 1960s-1970s
24 5 South African Committee for Youth Work (Chicago, Illinois), program for Town Hall Meeting, December 7, 1952
OP7 "St. Ann's Motion, An original musical production based on James G. Spady's Marcus Garvey, African and the UNIA," poster, 1987
24 6 Strong, Bill, sketch of Marcus Garvey
24 7 Thornhill, R.D. (Rev.), Finite Infinite Mentalist and Consultant, New York, New York, business card, no date
24 8 Union Better Life Gospel Campaign of the Community Churches (Chicago, Illinois), pledge card, no date
24 9 United African Nationalist Movement, Unit 2 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), conference agenda, 1948
OP8 United African Nationalist Movement (New York, New York), broadside for Marcus Garvey Day celebration, August 1, 1953
24 10 United Associates (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), directory advertisement, no date
24 11 United Nations, brochure, "Out Rights as Human Beings," 1951
24 12 United Nations, Ad Hoc Committee on Slavery, circulars, "Questionnaires on Slavery and Servitude," 1950
24 13 United Negro Progressive Association, brochure, no date
24 14 United States Congress, House Concurrent Resolution 159, June 5, 1985, regarding Marcus Garvey pardon
24 15 United States Constitution Council, various printed, 1970s
24 16 Universal African Nationalist Movement, 1953-1956
24 17 [Unknown organization], Aims and objects
24 18 White America Society (Richmond, Virginia), brochure, "Abraham Lincoln: His Efforts to Make America a White Nation," no date
24 19 YM & YWHA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), broadside for Spring Peach Forum, May 22, 1956
24 20 Young Afro-Americans of South Philadelphia, flyer, no date
24 21 YWCA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), broadside for mass meeting, March 31, 1946 [Andronicus Jacobs speaker]