Series 11
Memorabilia and artwork, 1963-2013
Box 210 - Box 221, 251-252; OP 91-137; OBV 4-5; FR 1-2

Scope and Content Note

The series contains memorabilia, awards, artwork, and other personal items collected by Alice Walker. The artwork in this series is comprised of photographs, paintings, and drawings and includes original illustrations for some of Walker's books. Other cover art (mockups and drafts) may be found in Writings by Walker (Series 2).

The awards include Walker's diplomas, her Pulitzer award, and various other awards. The series also contains props from the Color Purple, and a number of personal items, including a jewelry box from Spelman College, eyeglasses and jewelry, and clothing worn by Alice Walker and Rebecca Walker.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type; then in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
210 1 [unknown last name], Alma, black and white print of a sketch of Alice Walker, undated
210 2 [unknown last name], Bascove, illustration for Once: Poems, undated
210 3 [unknown last name], Kauài, untitled drawings, undated
210 4 [unknown last name], Sean and Eric, drawing of the Maritime Hotel, New York, 2006
210 5 [unknown last name], Sue, untitled black and white drawing of Alice Walker, undated
OP91 Ballis, George, "MFDP Delegates Challenge Miss. Democrats, Atlantic City," photograph, 1976
210 6 Barton, Pamela, "Tea Garden," black and white photograph, 1970
210 7 Bason, Nash, untitled black and white photograph of two black boys sitting in basin, 1968
210 8 Butler-Baker Elementary School, Eaton, Georgia, drawings and poems, April 1992
OP131 Carmorlinga, Esperanza, blueprint of Bungalow Studio Careyes, 2003
OP92 C. M., untitled watercolor, 1971
210 9 Deeter, Catherine, book cover for Temple of My Familiar, undated
OP93 Deeter, Catherine, drawing for "Celestial Goddess," [circa 2002]
OP132 Deeter, Catherine, drawings and photographs for Finding the Green Stone (with correspondence), July 18 [2000s]
OP94 Deeter, Catherine, drawings for Langston Hughes: American Poet (with correspondence), undated [1 of 2]
OP133 Deeter, Catherine, drawings for Langston Hughes: American Poet (with correspondence), undated [2 of 2]
OP96 Deeter, Catherine, original canvas sketch of an illustration in Langston Hughes: American Poet, undated
210 10 Deeter, Catherine, sample illustrations [photocopies], undated
210 11 Deeter, Catherine, small prints of various artwork, 2002
OP96 Eatonton, Georgia, elementary school class letter, undated
OP97 Gallangher, Susan, untitled drawing of Alice Walker, 1983
OP98 Goler, [Gustav Victor?], "Gypsy Poet," painting, 1991
FR1 Hicks, Travis, Alice Walker childhood home, ink drawing, 1991
FR2 Hicks, Travis, Ward's Chapel, watercolor, 2000
OP99 Kaplan, Edith Jaffy, untitled print, undated
210 12 Kline, Barbara J, untitled black and white photograph, undated
OBV4 Lassiter, Carolyn Mae, sketches, 1988
OP100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School students, drawings and poems, February 2007
210 13 Mastalia, Francesco, black and white photographs for Dreads (introduction by Alice Walker), 1995 [1 of 2]
210 14 Mastalia, Francesco, black and white photographs for Dreads (introduction by Alice Walker), 1995 [2 of 2]
OP101 McCloud, Shiloh Sophia, "No Once Can End Suffering Except Through Dance" (poetry by Alice Walker), 2007
210 15 McCloud, Shiloh Sophia, "She Danced for the Love She Felt," 2005
210 16 McCloud, Shiloh Sophia, "Song of Her Soul," 2005
OP135 McElhannon, Lisa and class, "Here's a "heart-print" full of words we like!," undated
210 17 McElhannon, Lisa and class, "Mrs. McElhannon's Kindergarten, 1991-1992," 1992
210 18 Millbrook School students, drawings and poems, September 2007
210 19 Moore, Elizabeth, painting of Cauda Pavonis' "The Peacocks Tail," 2005
211 1 Morejón, Nancy, Põesĩa, multi-medium handcrafted book, [1997]
OBV5 Morejón, Nancy, Ana Mendiata, multi-medium handcrafted book, 2004
211 2 Sellars, Sue Hoya and Belvie Rooks, artwork for "Commemorating the Million Man March," 1995
OP102 Sellars, Sue Hoya, "Writers Broom," 1996
OP103 Smith-Moore, J.J., untitled drawing of Alice Walker, undated
OP104 Stett, C.M., untitled matted print, undated
211 3 [Unknown photographer], "The Colchian Woman," photograph, 1992
OP105 [Unknown photographer], unidentified photograph, undated
OP106 [Unknown photographer], photograph of Zora Neale Hurston, undated
211 4 [Unknown artists], illustration for To Hell with Dying, undated
211 5 [Unknown artist], watercolor painting, 2006
211 6 Van Dyke, Shevard, "Four-Legged Woman and Two-Legged Leopard," 1992
OP107 [Walker family?], collage with personal notes to AW, [1989]
211 7 Walker, Alice, watercolor paintings, undated
211 8 Walker, Rebecca, various paintings and drawings, [circa 1970s]
OP108 Walker, Rebecca, drawing, [circa 1970s]
OP109 Weisinger, Jean, series of black and white photographs depicting Alice Walker, 1992-1994
OP134 Whitaker, J. Michael, "My Lady of Guantánamo," black and white photograph, 1998
Awards and Honors: certificates
OP110 State of California "Woman of the Year" award, undated
211 9 Who's Who Among Students award, 1963-1964 edition
211 10 Lillian Smith Award for Revolutionary Petunias, November 2, 1973
OP111 Citation from the National Institute of Arts and Letters, May 22, 1974
211 11 William L. Patterson Foundation, Founders Certificate, November 6, 1980
211 12 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for The Color Purple, 1983
211 13 Honorary Membership in the Stylus of Howard University, March 24, 1984
211 14 Lillian Smith Award in Non-Fiction, November 16, 1984
211 15 Harvard University Visiting Artists Certificate, 1984-1985
OP112 American Academy of Arts and Science Society Fellow, May 8, 1985
211 16 Georgia State Senate, resolution commending Alice Walker, March 6, 1986
211 17 State of Georgia House of Representatives, resolution commending Alice Walker, March 6, 1986
211 18 Upper Dublin Parent Teacher Council Award, April 26, 1986
211 19 19th Annual NAACP Image Awards, Best Motion Picture Nominee, December 14, 1986
211 20 Certificate of Appreciation from La Côte d'Ivoire, December 20, 1987
211 21 9th Annual Bay Area Book Reviewers Awards, Fred Cody Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature and Community Involvement, March 23, 1990
OP113 City of Los Angeles Certificate of Tribute for Warrior Marks, November 19, 1993
211 22 Media Alliance Mama Award for Non-Fiction, [1994]
211 23 Proclamation for "Alice Walker Day," City and County of San Francisco, February 24, 1994
OP114 Auburn Annual Lecture, appreciation (includes photograph of AW), April 1995
211 24 Global Exchange/Cuba Campaign Certificate of Thanks, November 12, 1995
OP115 Board of Commissioners of Bibb County, Georgia, resolution commending Alice Walker as the Sheila Award recipient, October 21, 1997
211 25 Sister Circle Book Award for Same River Twice, 1999
251 23 Proclamation for "Alice Walker Day," City of Santa Cruz, California, 2002 January 23
211 26 Darfur Peace and Development Organization Certificate of Appreciation, July 2006
211 27 Proclamation for "Alice Walker Day," City and County of San Francisco, October 12, 2007
OP137 Citation from the City of Atlanta, Georgia, April 24, 2009
211 28 Proclamation for "Alice Walker Day," Atlanta City Council, April 24, 2009
211 29 Proclamation for "Alice Walker Day," Dekalb County, Georgia, April 24, 2009
Awards and honors: plaques and keepsakes
219 Atlanta Women's Network , Inc., undated
252 3 Key to the city of Eatonton, Georgia, undated
218 Key to the city of Jackson, Mississippi, undated
219 Zora Neale Hurston postage stamp, undated
219 New Yorker Magazine Literature Award, November 1977
219 LACAAW Humanitarian Award, 1983
OP141 1,000,000 Copies in Print of The Color Purple, August 1984
OP129 Multiplatinum sales awards commemoration for "We Are the World," [1985]
216 Helen Caldicott Leadership Award, Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament, May 11, 1986
252 4 Medal from the University of Havana, Cuba, 1989
218 Omega Boys Club Award, 1990
219 Democracy Now Tour, October 1991
218 TransAfrica International Literary Award, June 6, 1992
218 'Hot Wire' Readers' Choice Award, 1993
218 American Humanist Associations' "Humanist of the Year Award," 1997
219 Tubman African American Museums' "Sheila Award," October 24, 1997
218 Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, 2000
218 Sisters at FCI Dublin, January 21, 2001
OP130 Langston Hughes Stamp, Presented by the Employees of the United States Postal Services Mid-America District, 2002
219 Enoch Pratt Free Library Lifetime Literary Achievement Award, October 18, 2004
218 California Coalition for Women Prisoners Award, November 2006
252 5 San Francisco Pride Parade, Celebrity Grand Marshall ribbon, 2010
211 30 Butler-Baker High School, 1961
211 31 Sarah Lawrence College, 1966
212 1 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature, Russell Sage College, 1975
212 2 Degree of Common Sense, University of Life, 1978
212 3 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, California Institute of Integral Studies, May 19, 2002
Other collected items
212 4 Ballot card, San Francisco election, November 6, 1979
212 5 Batik tool
216 Blanket, wool with multi-color stripes, from Helen Lynd
OP116 Blueprint, Washington, D.C Martin Luther Jr. National Memorial, (ROMA Design Group, artists)
217 Boots, black, blue, and metallic leather, cowboy style
217 Boots, brown leather with silver and crystal accents, cowboy style
212 6 Book cover
212 7 Bookmark, Chinese
212 8 Bumper stickers
252 1 Button, "Activism Pays the Rent on Being Alive"
212 9 Button, "Code Pink Women for Peace"
212 9 Button, "Free Dennis Banks"
212 9 Button, "Free Leonard Peltier"
212 9 Button, "Her Fight is Our Fight: Free Angela Davis"
212 9 Button, "I Refuse to Tolerate Violence Against Children"
212 9 Button, "Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom, June 1966"
212 9 Button, "National Women's History Week, March 2-8, 1986"
212 9 Button, "Rolling Stones: Bob Marley"
252 2 Button, Stop the Next War Now," Code Pink
212 9 Button, "The Color Purple"
212 9 Button, Zora Neale Hurston
219 Ceramic Tile, "Wild Trees Press"
212 10 Charm, "El Salvador C.A" painted on backside
212 11 Clapboard, used in the filming of The Color Purple
212 12 Coin, 10 cents piece, Jamaica 1969
213 1 Coin, One Hundred Balboa Gold Coin of Panama, 1975
213 2 Deck of cards, commemoration of the Broadway production of The Color Purple at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, (Bubbles the Artists, artist), 2004
252 6 Dog collar, Marley
213 3 Dreadlock, wrapped in multicolor threading and purple bead
213 4 Earrings, a pair of circle shaped made of brass
213 4 Earrings, a pair of door knockers made of silver
213 4 Earrings, a pair of Rectangle shape made of Brass with black oval stone framed by silver
213 5 Earrings single, black hoop with gold post
213 5 Earrings, single, circular shape made of brass with stripe down the middle
213 5 Earrings, single circular shape made of silver
213 5 Earrings, single, dangle made of green, yellow, red, and black beads
213 5 Earrings, single dangle made of brass and blue stones
213 5 Earrings, single, raindrop shape made of silver
213 5 Earrings, single, small circular shaped made of silver with beaded silver square in center
213 6 Eye glasses, Bifocal lenses with gold frame in brown leather case
213 7 Eye glasses, Bifocal lenses with tortoiseshell frames in burgundy and gold case
213 8 Fan, "Saturday Night Shug Avery," prop from The Color Purple film
218 Feather, calico colored
214 1 Finger puppet and fridge magnet, Zora Neal Hurston
216 Graduation hood, blue velvet with gold and blue stripes
214 2 Hair accessory, gold and red embroidered head band
214 3 Identification tags, Artist pass for "Bring Mumia Home: An Uncensored Evening of Hip Hop spirit and Hard Knock wisdom," June 10, 2000
214 3 Identification tags, "Bioneers 2007 presenter"
214 3 Identification tags, "Invitado at XIII Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana/ XIII Havana International Book Fairz'
214 3 Identification tags, "Moon Song Productions Inc."
214 3 Identification tags, VIP pass at "Festival Pan Africain Du Cinema & TV Ouagadougou"
252 7 Kitchen altar in Walker's kitchen, June 2013
214 4 Letter, prop from the film The Color Purple, addressed to "Mrs. Celie Harris Johnson"
214 5 Medallion, "The College of Saint Catherine"
214 6 Memory book, Butler-Baker High School graduation, 1961
214 7 Name plate, "Alice Tallulah-Kate Walker," 13 syllables in Japanese, February 9, 1994
214 8 Necklace, string of black beads
214 8 Necklace, twenty-six multi-colored beads on leather string
216 Needlepoint with "Olivia" stitching, prop from The Color Purple
215 Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball invitation to Alice Walker,
215 Oprah Winfrey's Legends Weekend bound invitation to Alice Walker
215 Oprah Winfrey's Legends Weekend scrapbook, May 13-15, 2005
216 Pants, stone-washed jeans
218 Paper weight, "The Color Purple: A Gala Premiere"
214 9 Patch, "1997 5th Annual Sobriety Pow Wow"
214 10 Pendant, black and clear crystal encrusted Celtic cross
214 10 Pendant, gold, green and red guitar-shaped
214 10 Pendant, gold coat of arms design with "R. Walker, 1992" inscribed on back side
214 10 Pendant, orange and brown colored with clear and orange beads along the edges
214 10 Pendant, "SC Alumni"
214 10 Pendant, Silver, African-mask inspired
OP117 Poster, handmade, for poetry reading of "Once," [circa 1970s]
OP136 Poster with personal notes to Alice Walker, undated
214 11 Pouch, black with small black inside
214 11 Pouch, brown suede with bead accent and shell button
214 11 Pouch, pink drawstring style with note enclosed from Gloria Steinem
214 11 Pouch, quilted with white and brown patch work in the center
214 11 Pouch, "World Peace Walk 1982" patch, with blue drawstring
218 Printers block, wooden with an image of Alice Walker from the 1960s
214 12 Purse, yellow and black with multi-colored stitching with a dreadlock in the inside
215 Puzzle, Quest in the Garden/Greenstone, (Catherine Deeter, illustrator), 1991
220 Quilt stitched during the writing of The Color Purple [created by Alice Walker and Dee Ann Tyler]
214 13 Ring, wooden pinky-sized ring
221 Shadowbox items, from Zelie Duvauchelle, including photograph of Alice Walker and and Zelie [box damaged upon arrival]
214 14 Shell, small, blue and cream colored
OP118 Sign, medal with "Yield 2 Play Time"
216 Skirt, stone washed with roses on back pockets [belonging to Rebecca Walker]
218 Spelman College jewelry box
252 Stuffed Animal, "Queen Honeybee," The Color Purple (musical), 2006
216 Sweater, red with multi-colored circle in the center
214 15 Tarot cards
214 16 Trading cards, Take Our Daughters to Work, "Women First" and "Women Writers" (Ms. Foundation for Women, publisher), 1994
216 T-shirt, burgundy cap sleeve with scoop neck
216 T-shirt, "Alice Walker Visits Korea 2004"
216 T-shirt, "Daughter of a Field Negro," Selma, Alabama
216 T-shirt, "On Location North Carolina"
216 T-shirt, "Remember Port Chicago"
216 T-shirt, "To Hell With Dying/ Vote for Jesse"
214 17 Watch, abalone with mother of pearl aqua colored dial
215 Water bottle, from the Broadway adaptation of The Color Purple