Subseries 2.2
Poems, 1965-2006
Box 37 (folder 14) - Box 44 (folder 77), 251; OP1

Scope and Content Note

The subseries contains collected and uncollected poetry of Alice Walker from 1965-2006. The collected poetry includes drafts of tables of contents, manuscript and typescript drafts (some with annotations and corrections), page proofs, editorial correspondence, and galley proofs. Because of Walker's propensity to pen multiple drafts of poems in the first two decades of her career, earlier collections include multiple manuscript and typescript drafts. Later collections primarily consist of full typescripts and proofs. Where the author's organizational intentions could be gleaned, every attempt was made to keep full drafts of collected poetry together.

The majority of the uncollected poetry were written between 1965 and 1979. Many of Walker's early uncollected poems deal with issues related to racism and the Civil Rights Movement. For poems known by more than one title, the variant title(s) has been provided. In one case two different poems bore the same title ("Sights I Have Seen"); these poems were distinguished by including the first line of each in brackets after the title.

Arrangement Note

Organized into two sections: (2.2a) Collected poems and (2.2b) Uncollected poems.

Description of Subseries