Subseries 2.4b
Reviews, 1971-1982
Box 86 (folder 7) - Box 86 (folder 22)

Arrangement Note

Reviews are alphabetized by title of the reviewed work.

Box Folder Content
86 7 A Short Walk by Alice Childress, manuscript and typescript drafts [published in Ms. Magazine], 1979 Ms. Magazine], 1979
86 8 The Almost Year by Florence Randall, typescript drafts, 1971
86 9 Another Life by Derek Walcott, typescript drafts [published in Village Voice], 1974 Village Voice], 1974
86 10 The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest J. Gaines, typescript drafts, 1971
86 11 Black Anima by N.J. Loftis, typescript drafts [published in Parnassus], 1974 Parnassus], 1974
86 12 Come by Here by Olivia Coolidge galley proof
86 13 Cruelty (Poems) by Ai, typescript draft [published as "Like the Eye of a Horse" in Ms. Magazine], 1974 Ms. Magazine], 1974
86 14 Fannie Lou Hamer by June Jordan, typescript drafts [published as "Can't Hate Anybody and See God's Face" in New York Times Book Review], 1973 New York Times Book Review], 1973
86 15 Fireless Cookery by Heidi Kirschner, typescript draft [published as "The Strangest Dinner Party I Ever Went To"], 1982
86 16 Good Morning, Revolution: Uncollected Writings of Social Protest by Langston Hughes, Faith Berry (ed.), typescript drafts [published in The Black Scholar], 1976 The Black Scholar], 1976
86 17 Iola Leroy, Or Shadows Uplifted by Frances E.W. Harper, typescript and manuscript drafts
86 18 "Judith Jamison" Review of Dance "Cry" typescript and manuscript drafts with notes [published in Ms. Magazine], 1973 Ms. Magazine], 1973
86 19 Less Than a Score, But A Point: Poems by T.J. Reddy, typescript draft, 1979
86 20 Life and Letters of Joel Chandler Harris by Julia Collier Harris, manuscript draft
86 21 Sour Land, by William H. Armstrong, typescript draft, 1971
86 22 The Wayward and the Seeking: A Collection of Writings by Jean Toomer, edited by Darwin Turner, typescript draft, 1980