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Floyd C. Watkins papers
> Literary writings > Eudora Welty research and writings

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Subseries 2.3
Eudora Welty research and writings
Boxes 29 - 30 and 84

Scope and Content Note

The subseries contains writings, correspondence, subject files, printed material, and audiovisual material relating to his writing on Eudora Welty. The writings include typescripts of three articles that Floyd Watkins wrote on Eudora Welty. The correspondence includes letters between Floyd Watkins and Eudora Welty (between 1982 and 1985), and Floyd Watkins' correspondence with a number of other individuals regarding Eudora Welty. One folder contains the photocopied correspondence of Eudora Welty from the Boston University library.

The printed material includes two articles that Floyd Watkins published on Eudora Welty, as well as several other articles written by other people. Also present here is a map of Hocking County, Ohio, and pamphlets from Clay County, West Virginia. This material is related to Floyd Watkins' research into Eudora Welty's family history. The subject files includes source material from Floyd Watkins' research on Welty, a variety of notes on Welty, and several student papers saved by Floyd Watkins. Audiovisual material is comprised of a videocassette on Welty produced by WNET.

Arrangement Note

Organized into (1) Writings by Floyd Watkins, (2) Correspondence, (3) Printed material, (4) Subject files, and (5) Audiovisual material.

Writings by Floyd Watkins
Box Folder Content
29 1 "Flat Lands and Far Mountains in The Optimist's Daughter": typescript with revisions
29 2 "The Journey to Baltimore in The Optimist's Daughter," typescript with revisions
29 3 "The Natchez Trace in the New World": introduction for proposed book on Eudora Welty
29 4 " The Optimist's Daughter, Death, and the Mountains of West Virginia": typescript with revisions
29 5 Cleland, Lois, Oct 1984
29 6 Nichols, Clinton, 1984
29 7 Smith, W. Murray, 1984
29 8 Waldron, Ann, 1994
29 9 Welty, Eudora, n.d.
29 10 Welty, Eudora, 1982
29 11 Welty, Eudora, 1983
29 12 Welty, Eudora, 1984
29 13 Welty, Eudora, 1985
29 14 Correspondence re "Death in the Mountains in The Optimist's Daughter"
29 15 Correspondence re Eudora Welty Papers
29 16 Correspondence re FCW's Proposed Book on Welty, 1985
29 17 Correspondence re Honorary Degree for Welty, 1982
29 18 Correspondence re Proposed Study of Welty
29 19 Correspondence re Welty Family History
29 20 Correspondence of Eudora Welty at Boston Univ. (photocopies)
Printed material
29 21 "Death and the Mountains in The Optimist's Daughter," Essays in Literature, Spring 1988 Essays in Literature, Spring 1988
29 22 Eudora Welty, by Neil Isaacs, Southern Writers Series, no. 8, Steck-Vaughn Co., 1969
29 23 "Eudora Welty's Natchez Trace in the New World," Southern Review, Autumn 1986 (photocopy)
29 24 Firing Line: transcript of interview with Eudora Welty and Walker Percy, 1972
29 25 Invitations to readings by Eudora Welty, and FCW's notes about her speaking
29 26 Map of Hocking County, Ohio
29 27 Pamphlets on Clay County, West Virginia
Subject files
30 1 Andrews, E. R.: death certificate, 1897 (photocopy)
30 2 Census records on Welty family and FCW's notes
30 3 Clay County Railroad: 1910 and 1917 Geological Surveys (photocopies)
30 4 Clippings: newspapers articles by and about Welty
30 5 A Curtain of Green: notes
30 6 A Curtain of Green: student papers, "Lilly Daw and the Three Ladies"
30 7 A Curtain of Green: student papers, "The Whistle"
30 8 A Curtain of Green: student papers, "Death of a Traveling Salesman"
30 9 A Curtain of Green: student papers, "Old Mr. Marblehall"
30 10 Eudora Welty Trip: notes
30 11 Mississippi Archives: notes on proposed Welty project
30 12 Mississippi Archives: notes on proposed Welty project
30 13 MUW: notes
30 14 Notes on Interview with Eudora Welty, 1985
30 15 One Writer's Beginnings: notes
30 16 "The Optimist's Daughter": New Yorker version (photocopy)
30 17 "The Optimist's Daughter": notes
30 18 Rubbings made on Eudora Welty trip
30 19 Welty, C. W. and Chestina Andrews: marriage license, 1904 (photocopy)
30 20 Welty notes
30 21 Welty notes
30 22 Welty notes
30 23 Welty photograph of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Port Gibson, Mississippi (1940): photocopied from Church Bulletin, 1983
30 24 "The Wide Net": notes
Audiovisual material
84 1 Videocassette: The Originals: The Writer in America, (feature on Eudora Welty)
84 2 Photographs: Eudora Welty research trip, 1984