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Series 6
Audiovisual and born digital materials, 1957-2012
Boxes LP1-3, AV1 and BD1-2

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of audiovisual materials, including Vinyl LPs, born digital, minidiscs, Jake Adam York's dissertation on microfilm, casette tapes, CDs, and computer equipment.

Arrangement Note

Series is arranged in original order.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Use copies have not been made for audiovisual material in this collection. Researchers must contact the Rose Library at least two weeks in advance for access to these items. Collection restrictions, copyright limitations, or technical complications may hinder the Rose Library's ability to provide access to audiovisual material.

Researchers must contact the Rose Library in advance for access to unprocessed born digital materials in this collection. Collection restrictions, copyright limitations, or technical complications may hinder the Rose Library's ability to provide access to unprocessed born digital materials.

Sound and video reccordings
Box Folder Content
LP1 - Wide Angles, 1999
LP1 - Mission: One, 2001
LP1 - Paul Hardcastle, 1985
LP1 - Phil Collins, No Jacket Required, 1985
LP1 - The Boogie Boys, City Life, 1985
LP1 - Mr. Magic's Rap Attack, 1985
LP1 - Tommy Boy, Bonus Beats I, undated
LP1 - THELONIOUS MONK Septet, Monk's Music, 1957
LP1 - Wynton Marsalis, Black Codes (From the Underground), 1985
LP1 - Ronald Kirk, I talk with the Spirits, 1965
LP1 - Robert Graves reading Selected Poems, 1959
LP1 - The Poetry of Keats read by Sir Ralph Richardson, undated
LP1 - American Poetry to 1900, undated
LP1 - Charles Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, 1963
LP1 - Stevie Wonder, Talking Book, 1972
LP1 - Spyder-D, How Ya Like Me Now, 1987
LP1 - People Under the Stairs, "O.S.T.", 2002
LP1 - Run DMC, It's Tricky (And More), 1987
LP1 - Five Deez, Sexual for Elizabeth, 2001
LP1 - The Poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer read by J.B. Bessinger, Jr., undated
LP1 - John Coltrane, Meditations, 1966
LP1 - Paul Hardcastle, Rainforest, 1985
LP1 - Paul Hardcastle, 19, 1985
LP1 - The Funky Homosapien, Future Development, 1997
LP2 - Johnny Cash, Bitter Tears, Ballads of the American Indian, 1964
LP2 - The Police, Synchronicity, 1983
LP2 - The Jazz Experiments of Charles Mingus, 2002
LP2 - The Georgics of Virgil translated and read by C.D. Lewis, undated
LP2 - Charles Mingus, Mingus at Monterey, 1981
LP2 - Langston Hughes reads and Talks About his Poems, undated
LP2 - Langston Hughes, Simple, 1968
LP2 - The World Class Wreckin Cru, Turn Off the Lights, 1991
LP2 - M.C. Shy-D, I've Gotta Be Tough, 1998
LP2 - Ice T, Somebody Gotta Do It, 1987
LP2 - Sir Mix-A-Lot, Square Dance Rap, 1988
LP2 - Five Deez, Koolmotor, 2001
LP2 - Peanut Butter Wolf , Peanut Butter Breaks, 1994
LP2 - Pearl Jam, undated
LP2 - The Quadrajets, Pay the Deuce!, 1998
LP2 - Rap's Greatest Hits, 1986
LP2 - Beat Freaks, 1986
LP2 - Binary Star, Masters of the Universe, 2000
LP2 - Hip Hop Greats/12 Classic Raps, 1986
LP2 - Fat Boys, Big and Beautiful, 1986
LP2 - Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, 1984
LP2 - Boogie Down Productions, Criminal Minded, 1987
LP2 - Electric Breakdance, 1984
LP2 - Stevie Wonder, Innervisions
LP2 - Sting, The Dream of the Blue Turtles, 1985
LP2 - James Bond, 13 Original Themes, 1983
LP2 - ZZ Top, Eliminator, 1983
LP2 - Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three, undated
LP2 - Krush Groove soundtrack, 1985
LP3 - De La Soul, 3 Feet and Rising, 1989
LP3 - Roots Manuva, Brand New Second Hand, 1999
LP3 - Kraftwerk, Electric Cafe, 1986
LP3 - The Charlie Daniels Band, A Decade of Hits, 1983
LP3 - Johnny Cash Sings the Ballads of the True West, 1965
LP3 - Breakin', 1984
LP3 - Rapid Transit, A Chocolate Industries Compilation, 2000
LP3 - Man on the Moon, The Flight of Apollo 11, Mission Control recording, 1969
LP3 - Liza Minnelli, Liza with a "Z," 1972
LP3 - Great American Poetry, 1962
LP3 - Old Ironsides and other Poems by Oliver Wendell Homes, read by Ed Begley, undated
LP3 - Trow the D. and Ghetto Bass, Ghetto Style with 2 Live Crew, 1986
LP3 - World of Mouth, Coast to Coast, 1986
LP3 - Grand Masters of Rap, 1985
LP3 - The Glory of Bach, 1977
LP3 - Gigolo Tony, Smurf Rock, 1991
LP3 - DJ Shadow Live from Austin, 2002
LP3 - Atmosphere, The Lucy EP, 2001
LP3 - Tommy Boy, Greatest Beats 1985
LP3 - Son House, 1969
LP3 - Paul Simon, Greatest Hits, Etc., 1977
LP3 - Salt-n-Pepa, Tramp Remix, 1987
LP3 - Various Artists, Rap 2, 1985
LP3 - Pharcyde/Jurassic 5/Hard Times, B/W Ras Kass/Verbal Murder, 2002
LP3 - Pearl Jam, Vitalogy, 1994
LP3 - The X-ecutioners, X-pressions, 1997
LP3 - Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 2, 1982
AV1 - Biz Markie, Goin' Off, 1988 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Isaac Hayes and Stevie Wonder, undated [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - James Thurgood, Gone to Blazes, 1962 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Dylan Thomas Reading His Poetry, undated [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - T.S. Eliot Reading "The Waste Land," undated [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, 1973 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Snoop Doggy Dogg, Doggy Style, 1993 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Zing Magazine, A Curatorial Crossing, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Joe Sampson, Kill Our Friends, 2012 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - New Book Gospel, Shape Note Singing, 2010 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Arthur Baraf, Burning Circle, 2007 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Happy 40th Playlist, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Charles Brackeen Quartet, Worshippers Come Nigh, 1987 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - The Oxford American Southern Music CD No. 12, Alabama, 2010 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Zachary Schomburg, Little Blind Thing, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Horace Silver, The Hardbop Grandpop, 1996 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Man Alive Demo, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Mari Christie-mas, 2007 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Coyote Poets of the Universe, Callin' You Home, 2008 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Slade and Conway, The First Five, 2004 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Econochrist, 1993 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Golemboski, Disc 1, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Depression Blues, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, 1998 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Madrid, 1/2 Empty, 1/2 Full, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Catie Curtis, Truth from Lies, 1996 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - R.E.M., Murmur, 1983 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Ken Waldman, Burnt Down House, 2000 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Techching Hsieh, One Year Performance, Art Documents 1978-1999 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - John Prine, In Spite of Ourselves, 1999 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Behold the Beast with ID, 2002 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Deep Cover Songs, Volume 1, 2000 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Nick Lowe, Dig My Mood, 1998 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Mr Russy, That's Progress (In Making), undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - The Spoken Word Poetry of Travis Watkins, My Fear is 4 u, 2006 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Allison Art, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - New Poet Audio, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Tortoise Shadow, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Coltrane, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Split Lip Rayfield, Never Make It Home, 2001 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Young Jeezy, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, 2005 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Ludacris, The Red Light District, 2004 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Mari Christie-mas, 2008 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Buckley, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Harry and David, A Jazzed-Up Holiday, 2000 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Greg Brown, Milk of the Moon, 2002 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Young Bloodz, Against Da Grain, 1999 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Sage Francis, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Will D. Campbell, Missippi Magic, 2004 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Have you Heard?, 2008 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - John Legend, Evolver, 2008 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Aesop Rock, Labor Days, 2001 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Christopher O'Riley, True Love Waits, 2003 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Mari Christie-mas, 2006 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Skens, Appleseed, 2001 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Randall Bramblett, See Through Me, 1998 [original: compact disc]
AV1 - National Endowment for the Arts and Poetry Foundation, Poetry Out Loud, undated [original: compact disc]
AV1 - Jake Adam York, Words to Say It reading, Coastal Carolina University, March 2007 [original: compact disc]
Recorded research materials
AV1 - West Georgia, 19 February 2007 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Denver 2, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - New Poet, Craig Arnold, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Book Buffs RD6, 17 October, 2001 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Bryani Emersa class, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - PO of the revolutoinary era, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - PoFest, 13 September [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Star Trek NPR, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Szporluk, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - 656, February 22 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - My Brothers Bar Noise, walking, bus, I am…, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Major Springs, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Am Poetry, 26 September 2005 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - C. Dale Young, Natasha Trethemey, APF, 20 September 2002 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - C. Arnold at Book Buffs, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Craig Boise, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - White Stripes, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Lynn Emannuel, APF, 21 September 2002 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Denver Noise, class, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Dude Talking, Denver Poetry, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Neighbors Fucking, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Radiohead, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - James Brown J. Smith, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Tool, Rage, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Buckley, Devics Meldau, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - 3 Little Pigs, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Tipton, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Cate at Gram, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Denver City, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - AV 21 February 2007 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Ransick, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Jeff Lee, PoFest, 23 April 2004 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Release Party, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Barbecue Poems, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Denver Sounds and Book Buffs Intro, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - 7 November 2007 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Logan, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Burn Out, 26 May 2005 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Yakich, 16 April 2009 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - 10/10 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Frogs, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Benbe at Lab, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Cartographers meeting, 25 June 2004 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Prothero, 4 October 2007 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - 10/03 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Arts and Engaged Citizenship, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Copper Nickel, release recordings, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Burn Out reading series, pt. 2, 26 May 2005 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Oxford Barbecue Symposium, October 2002 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Brothers Barbecue, Nick: 11 March 2003, Chris: 13 March 2003 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - NC Barbecue, June 2003 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Byron's Barbecue, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Amps, 12 September 2005 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Jesse Jake, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Jazz Pack, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Major Jackson at North, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Lighthouse, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Cozy Corner, October 2003 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - John Stage, Dinosaur, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Jake Adam York, Dissertation Services, 2000 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Kent Haruf, 11 November 2005 [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Lincoln NE, undated [original: mini disc]
AV1 - Notes, undated [original: microcassette]
AV1 - Walk, undated [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - B-Roll, April 11 [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - 16th Crazy Plugs Less Christy, undated [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - A, undated [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - B, undated [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - C, undated [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - Coltrane-Kofsky Interview, 1966 [original: mini digital videocassette]
AV1 - Joe Dabney, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Marilou Awiakta, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Ronni Lundy, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Loyal Jones, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Frank Browning, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Elizabeth Englehardt, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Rick Bragg, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Fred Sauceman, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Sally Schneider, SFS October 2003 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Roger Green, Poetry Project, Lyric, 2008 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Garuda, Cold-Wired Sentiment, 2002 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Seamus Heaney reading his poems at Harvard, 1987 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Kyle SA, Circle takes the square, undated [original:audio cassette]
BD2 - Unprocessed born digital, circa 2001-2008
AV1 - iPod (black, 160GB)
AV1 - 24 bit 96kHz WAVE/MP3 recorder, R-09HR
AV1 - Recording Mini Disc Walkman, MZ-G750
BD1 - Apple computer tower